April 2006

What Lisa would call Opening Day!

 She has always loved Spring because all of the newness, growth, and rebirths.

Well today is the day that we have all been waiting for, Lisa is starting her website. We are quite proud of her progress. She is finally taking the step. It will not be long now until she is able to spread our messages to the world. She is a good talker you know and with much love in her heart to share with the world.  Although a little nervous about what will be coming for her, we know she knows she is in good hands…our hands as well as her own!  You are receiving quite the gift to have her to listen too.  She is a good medium and opens herself up to us, with no questions asked. That is what we ask of all of you.

You see Lisa is not different than you or anyone else…she just believes what she knows from Spirit, from us!  She knows that Spirit would never guide you where you did not ask in your heart to be guided. She has wisdom beyond what even she knows and has love for all who she meets. 

 It is with much love and blessings that we congratulate her on her new path.  She is really something and we are all proud of her on this side. She will continue to train with us and open her energies to us and in the mean time she will serve all of you through our messages and blessings.

Remember wisdom comes when it is least expected and from the least unexpected places.

From the Spirit world to you, our Lovely Lisa, we send you much love, light, and unconditional support from your “peeps” on the other side! YOU remember to ~Live in the Light~  

For her readers on this glorious day:

It is all so simple if you just have faith and believe in what you call miracles. Your life is a gift that you choose. Be the light that is inside of you, be the guiding force that was created in your vessel that you carry, be the light that shines bright, be the love that you seek, be the love that is found, be the spark to ignite thought, be the branch that reaches to the heavens, be the rain, be the air, be the water, be that fire that burns in your being.  It is YOU that is cherished, it has always been you!

Your life is a gift to Spirit….we are not the gift to you.  For by you being, you help to teach and guide us. Be simple, be kind, be compassionate, be wise. Be the light that was given to you by your creator to bring us home. It is you who we cherish, it is you who we wish we were, it is you that we long to be. The only difference between us is that we know we are alwasy together, that we are all one, and that we are always with you.  Do not look to us with such longing for we are with you every step, on your every path, with your every breath. We are everywhere. Just ask and you shall see.

 ~Much light and wisdom~