Well hello there all, Well Lisa has been quite busy! We have been waiting to speak with all of you and make our presence known. We do understand that things come up but as Lisa knows, but sometimes forgets, Spirit is all around, no matter how busy you become and there our times when our “advice”, and I use that word loosely, can be of benefit.

In your world of such heaviness and carelessness for others and their spaces, it is sometimes hard to find the understanding that we all must have in our hearts for those other people, people who may be different from yourselves.

It is so easy to get bogged down in what we perceive to be our own belief system, that we have forgotten that we are all one and we all come from one place. As you make your way thru your week, please be sure to note how you react to the items that you see in your world. Items that have been published for human “enjoyment and entertainment” such as the news and other media outlets. Are there not awards given out for such stories? Be careful for it is easy to become lost in a thick fog if to much attention and energy is paid to such nonsense. For there is one truth that that lies in your hearts. Wars and killing have been happening since the time of humans. It does not do any good to ask why? But ask why not? Ask what is there to gain from such violent actions upon your planet? Ask what knowledge and good is there to come?

For many of you this will be easy, for others it will not be. For that is the beauty of all creation is it not?

Go into your world and be the love and peace that you and each one of you were created to be. For by coming from your hearts in all that you do, you are coming from your source. That seems to have been forgotten, in not only these times, but since man was created. To come form a place of consciousness and light will bring you closer to your reasons for being.

We know that it is a “thick place” at times to exist in but we also know that each of you were created much higher than the thickness and were given much to survive the evolution of your plane.

Remember the gifts that were given to you, remember who you are. Go in to the world and be the light that you placed here to be.

Much love and admiration to all of you on this day and everyday…. (although we know no days) ;

Lisa’s “peeps on the other side”.