Messages from Spirit….
From their lips to your ears….I am just the typer!
Well, hello, hello, hello!We are so blessed to meet with you again~ We hope you have each had a wonderful week filled with joy, love and happy journeys…..Journeys hmmm, now there is a concept.

Today we speak of the glorious movement through your linear time and space to speak of journeys.

We all have journeys as we travel through time and space. We journey when we sleep, we journey when we daydream, we journey when we travel from land to land, we journey in the exact moment we are in at this moment, and we journey through experience to experience in your wonderful world called planet Earth.

As we speak of journeys, we would like to expand the awareness of what we mean when we say ‘journey’. And for the record, ‘we’ encompasses the entire universe…because we are all ONE! ( you knew we could not forget that didn’t you).

Journey is the movement from one place to another. Is all of life not a journey then? Every moment is THE journey! Things are always moving and shifting and rearranging themselves around you. They change based on your thoughts and therefore the actions that you carry out within your vessels. Remember every moment in the NOW is the journey. There is no before and there is no future. It is just NOW! Now is the journey.

So whether you are sitting behind a desk reading this, or in a far away land reading this, or sitting at home reading this, know that you, in all your being, is the journey. You spend so much of your time wanting, and wishing, and hoping, and planning, and wanting, all over again…that you forget that the journey is within the moment of right now…in this fleeting moment (which is gone by the time you read this). As you travel through your week, please take a moment in ‘time’ and KNOW that you are in the journey at very moment. When things get tough, or crazy, or lonesome, or fearful, or sad, or happy and joyous, know that, that place you are in, IS the journey. That it is a wonderful and glorious reason to celebrate…celebrate for you are infinite!

YOU ARE THE JOURNEY the JOURNEY is NOT the destination you long for. Take the ‘time’ to breathe and be still. Feel the moment and we guarantee you that your life will never be the same. But then again, it never is really is, is it?

We wish much much love and peace on your journey this week and for all weeks to come.

You are divine! You are love! You are the light that shines bright in each other! Be careful and wise to keep it lit, for in each other you will find the love and peace that you seek.

Much ado’s to each of you!

Lisa Peeps…..and we mean all of them! So many more than you can imagine by the way!

Who would have ever guessed that you would be spending your ‘time’ at this moment, in your journey, with us. HEHE We knew you would arrive, and not a moment to soon….or to late. 😉