Hello everyone! For those of you who have had private Messages from Spirit or meetings with me, you know that I like to explain as much about Spirit and how they come through as possible. I feel that it helps you to better understand the magnitude of their love for you and they like to prove to you that it is is fact them. I also feel it helps you to feel that your loved ones, guides, Angles, and the enitre Spirit world, are not only NOT separate from you, but a PART of each one of you!Now onto the newsletter…..

Welcome!!!! I am so happy to have you with me each week! If you are returning this week, I am glad that you’re here. I hope you continue to gain insight and love from the newsletter! πŸ™‚

I must say it is truly a gift to be able to share Spirit’s words (and I mean every word) with all of you as they share them with me! I have said this many times before and I will continue to say, “What a blessing to know that we do not walk alone”~ It is my honor and my duty to all to stand between two worlds as I serve you, Spirit, and myself.

I wish each one of you nothing but much peace and love and light this week. I hope you all feel as inspired by Spirit each and everyday as I do! We are the same so I am sure that you do!

Much love and light to each of you on your journey’s this week!

If you just subscribed, just a brief introduction to my Newsletter…WELCOME!

Not only will I be announcing up coming events and classes but…

I will be channeling messages every week from Spirit directed to each of you. The main purpose is for Spirit to inspire each of you weekly. Stay in your heart and remember what is important as you make your way through each day.

I also added a book, quote, affirmation, and movie for the week! Enjoy~

Up Coming Workshops
No classes or meetings scheduled.Tuesday Night’s 7:30- 9:30 p.m. This has been a huge success! Thank you to all who have attended.Spirit/Physical Phenomenon Night…you have to see it to believe it. People ask me all the time what is Table Tipping? Is it safe? Who comes through? Is it scary? Let me reassure you all it is a wonderful and beautiful experience that demonstrates Spirit’s to communicate with us from the other side. Yes it is safe, I only work in the HIGHEST vibration! Loved ones, Angels, Spirit Guides, Pets, Fairies, Masters, you name it, they communicate with YOU! We laugh because Spirit loves laughter! Spirit would have it no other way. Participants report feeling different temperature changes, tickles, sounds, and most of all table movement! One participant received a “neck massage” the entire night! I promise you, it is wonderful and there is nothing to fear! If anything you will feel relaxed and peaceful as we connect our energies in the purest light! You will receive messages from the other side through table tipping, tapping, and other means of spirit communication. *Class size is limited and fills up quickly. *If you are interested in reserving the evening for a private group, please contact me to see what dates are available. Cost per session is $20.00

All workshops have been placed on hold until January 2007. If you are interested in meeting for your own Personal Messages from Spirit, please contact me at 248 594-3431.

All Workshops and Classes are held at Karmic Connection located in Bingham Farms, MI. I look forward to seeing you~

Messages from Spirit….
From their lips to your ears….I am just the typer!
Hello to you!We would like to keep this simple for your days seem full enough.You come from love.

You are love. You give love. You are love because that is all that you are.

That is it.

That is all.

There is nothing else but love.

Remember that. Keep it near. Remember……. you are the heart of the universe.

Much love and light,

Lisa’s peeps for the week

And remember, no how much you love us, your loved ones, and your creatures over here, we love you back that much more…plus some! πŸ˜‰ xoxoxoxox