Messages from Spirit
From their lips to your ears…I am just the messenger!
Ahhh, you dear children seem so tired and over-extended these days. Please be assured that we are with you on these very busy ‘holiday’ days.Please remember as you run here and run there what this time is all about. It is a time for remembering who you are. It is a time for forgiving all those that have hurt you. It is a time for going in and “soul searching” to discover the light that was born into each one of you, for that is who you ARE. YOU ARE THE LIGHT!

Please know that this is not just the time of a baby named “Jesus” and his birthday. It is your birthday also. It is a day to celebrate the new birth of your soul that is being ‘gifted’ and ‘unwrapped’ for all to see and to be shared. It is time to rejoice for not only today, but all of your days. Everyday is a day to celebrate! Every moment is a new moment to celebrate!

Please remember, the things that you see and the things that you have been taught over the ions may not be exactly as you think they are. No, this is not another puzzle, yet it is the truth about who you are. All your books that have been written is not about others, but about YOU! The light that you all sing about is your light. The baby you all sing about is you. The shepherds, the folk people, and the loved ones that were there to welcome a baby to your new world are your friends, and your family, and your neighbors. Now it is time for each of you to KNOW that you are that baby. YOU are Him. You are Her. You are ONE with all that has ever been created. Please do not feel that there is someone better than you. There is no one with more powers than you. There is no one with more gift’s than you. There is no one who can be anything that you are not. Our loves, it is you….you are all different but all the same.

As you celebrate this ‘holiday season’ which is filled with much love and light…please remember to take the time to remember your own love and light. For if you do not remember your own…how can you remember anyone else’s?

Be at peace this time of your year. Be at peace dear ones and know that we ALL are with you on your journey. Rejoice, sing out loud, and remember that this time of your year is for you to celebrate your light!

You are all very special to our dear Lisa and you all mean a great deal to her. You know, there is not a day that goes by when she does not send much love and healing for each of you. For our dear child has learned to give to herself first and we celebrate her work! She can give openly and freely to each of you because she has freed herself from the bondage of self limiting and abusive thoughts about her temple where she resides. For this we bless her. We thank her for making us smile…now we know she has been learning and listening to us, her ‘PEEPS’!

From her team… we say “God Bless each of you this holiday season”. Much love and admiration from Lisa’s village over here to her village over there.

PS BE HOLY! BE PROUD! AND FOR GOODNESS SAKES…. SMILE! 🙂 As always we are as happy to have you in our ‘lives’ as you are to have us in yours!

From your loves ones, pets, guides and Angels…we all wish you a very MERRY Time. Know that WE are all with YOU as you bring us into your hearts.