Messages from Spirit
From their lips to your ears…I am just the messenger!
Well hello and Happy, Happy, New Year to all! I know you get tired of hearing this, but since this is Lisa’s first newsletter of the year, how could we resist spreading such cheer! :)We hope our silly rhyme made you smile. šŸ™‚

Smiling…hmm now there is a concept. To smile big, and to smile small, but only to feel yourself smile at all.

Smile, smile, smile, what a gift to spread to all. For when you smile big or small, your love for others reaches across them all.

Remember to smile as you go throughout your days this week. So many of you forget that a simple smile can bring such simple delight. Practice! Practice in your mirrors at home! Practice while you drive to work! Practice! Practice! Practice until you need not practice any more!

For smiling does not just show a happy face, it shows the world that you are sending love and joy to all. Smile big, smile proud, smile for all to see your light. Do not be afraid to show your greatness to those that you greet. Do not hide behind a frown. SMILE and show the world your truths. Go on, show them who you are. Show them so they can see who they are. Maybe you will recogonize each other from a far.

When you smile, you raise your vibration to one of love and joy so much so that you can not help but raise the vibrations of the others around you as well. They say that practice makes perfect… so practice your smile until you can practice no more. Smile and feel how good it feels to make anothers day. Smile big smiles, smile small smiles, but for petes sake, just smile! You might just surprise yourself at how good you feel when you smile.

Love each other, love yourselves, love the world as it is. It is in that love for all that you will help shift all the others who are having a hard time picking themselves up to smile. Be the leader of the day, be the smile brigade. We are here to help you smile and we will do what we can be it a song on the radio, a beautiful bird, a butterfly, or an untimely joke you hear from a friend.

If you find yourself smiling in the next few weeks, know that we are close by helping to bring the smiles about. The world needs each of you right now, each of you we said…to smile big, and smile small, but the world needs you to smile today.

You are the leaders..consider yourselves blessed. You are the smile leaders and you bring smiles to all that you touch!

We love you, you know that already. We love you a lot. We love you when you can not smile and we love you when you can. We love you, we love you, we love you, now there is a reason to smile.

Much smiling this week to you. Much love and light to all~

You are our smile leaders and you are all in place now! Carry out your orders with much grace and know that you ARE the smile police.

Take care of each other, take care of yourselves, for when you do this we take care of all that is ONE!

Much love and light, Lisa’s ‘peeps delight’…. we smile, we smile, we smile tonight. we smile because we know we are not separate tonight. šŸ™‚