Messages from Spirit
From their lips to your ears…I am just the messenger!
What is the message? What is there to say? What is it you want to hear on this fine, fine day?You say speak to us of love. Speak to us of Hope. Speak to us of Oneness. Speak to us of Dreams. Speak to us on laughter. Speak to us on light.

Well, we say we would like to speak on GLORY. Ahhh…glory. Just saying the word ‘GLORY’ makes your heart want to sing, does it not?

Glory, Glory, hallelujah, Glory, Glory, hallelujah ….it makes you want to sing. SING! Go ahead sing and feel how good you feel when you let yourself let go and feel this heavenly word…Ahhh letting go, now that is for another time. 🙂 Today is about glory!

The energy in this absolute word, GLORY, is full of light, love, laughter, hopes, dreams, and holds so many other wonderful connotations. It is an absolute!

We sing GLORY from above. We sing Glory from down below. WE sing, WE sing, WE sing, GLORY, GLORY, GLORY.

What is Glory? Glory is pure delight. It is oneness with Spirit. It is a word that was created by the heavens to give all of you a reason to smile.

When the days get you down, just say the word, GLORY to yourself and see how you feel. It will make you light. It has too, it can be no other way. So often in your language (English is it not?) 🙂 your words have multiple meanings. Well not this one! It can only mean ONE! It means light, love, spirit, connectedness.

We will keep this short for we all have a BIG week! 😉

We want you to remember GLORY as you rise from your beds, as you start your cars, as you walk through your days, as you arrive home from a long drawn out day, as you sit and ponder why in the heck you are there. Remember our word: GLORY and we are sure that you will feel nothing but the divine spirit within your being. Yes, YOU! Go ahead, FEEL IT! FEEL US, as you call glory upon yourselves. Yes, that is us, the unconditional wonderful warmth that makes you feel so comforted and loved. It is us but it is you as well!

When you feel it remember, you are ALWAYS connected to us and we are ALWAYS connected to you because we are always one in the same—-ONE!

Much love and light our most wonderful and beautiful souls on the planet Earth. We honor you as you honor yourselves and bathe in the light of all things glorious.

Much glorious love and light, as always, Lisa ‘Peeps’….

She added a few since the last time….. 😉 Don’t tell her though, we want to surprise her! hehe