Messages from Spirit
From their lips to your ears…I am just the messenger!
What a beautiful day for all….we are so blessed to be here to welcome you all back and to welcome all the new guests who have agreed to receiving our wonderful words that are meant to uplift and inspire you all to be the greatest you can be.We welcome you all to a brand new day, a brand new moment. Lisa, our dear child, would like to know what it is we will be speaking of on this wonderful new day. First we would like to say welcome back from a much needed break by our dear child. She has been working so hard at bringing our words to life and she does not even know that she is at the very ‘tip of the ice berg’ as you say. πŸ˜‰

Thank you for being patient and waiting for her to complete this wonderful newsletter that she sends out to so many of you in ‘cyber space’. We chuckle that you call it ‘cyber space’…we find it to be funny. πŸ™‚

Today we have no words of wisdom, silly metaphors, or words of inspiration. We are merely here to thank you for showing up for us! Yes, we said THANK YOU! We thank you for you are the wise ones who hear our words, listen to the guidence, and spread it to your loved ones, friends, families, and coworkers. We thank you for acknowledging us and for hearing our words so often when we write.

It is not everyday that we have such a captive audience to speak too. Sure we talk to you each and every one of you all day. How often do you really hear what we are saying? Sometimes it takes using the vessel of our dear child for you to hear what we are trying to say to you.

Please know that we try to communicate with all of you. Listen to the miracles that are ALL around you. We are there!

There will be many, many, many, more times when you will hear ‘Spirits words…( we laugh at being called Spirit) and Lisa asks ‘What what should be call you then?’ and we laugh and say; call us whatever you want but we really are just you….each of you….you still see the separateness and not the oneness that we talk about. For if you did, you would not refer to us as ‘Spirit’ but to an extension of yourselves. You are Spirit and Spirit is you!

How’s that for a twist?

Well here is to a great day, a great moment, a great ‘time’.

Know that you are loved beyond measure and that we are ALWAYS here for you…ALWAYS

Lisa Peeps….

Oh yes, and by the way….did we tell you that “we love you”!?