Channeled Message from the beautiful beings of the light:

some day’s are meant for sharing
some day’s are meant for doing
some day’s are meant for falling in love
some day’s are meant for breaking up
some day’s are meant for chatter
some day’s are meant for stillness
some day’s, some day’s, some day’s…what is it all for?whatever your day…remember this truth:

for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction…..
whatever you do you can always plan on the opposite to occur. that is truth, that is law…

you feel good…you will feel ‘bad’
you feel happy…you will feel ‘sad’
you are up…you will come down….

this is how the ‘universe’, as you call it, stays in complete balance…balance our friends balance!

now when you live your life in balance, there is no need to worry about swinging to one side or the other…staying in the middle of the ‘teeter totter’ of life is the wise choice. why? because in the middle is where honesty, truth, serenity, and peace reside….

how you might ask?
by loving yourselves enough to know that all is an illusion. nothing that you see or hear is actually what is going on around you. by remembering this illusion it will become easier to bring yourself back to the middle…to ground yourselves…and to just be.

just being requires nothing more than ‘letting go and letting god’ take over from here….it means staying in the divine flow of everything that is easy and effortless.

why stay in the divine flow?
because when you do…you then in turn balance and when everything is balanced things tend to run more smoothly through the illusions of this great place we call Earth.

Earth….nothing more than a place we come to remember to love ourselves first…then love all others. A place to learn to love unconditionally remembering we are all connected and we are all ONE….love thy neighbors is nothing more then loving all parts of yourself…and we mean all parts….the good the bad and the ugly….or should we say the perceived good bad and the ugly

so on this beautiful day…that is nothing more than a illusion on the great time line of life….

remember to stay in in your truth….to balance….to give of your hearts and to be free….free from the thinking mind and free to the giving heart….

with love and gratitude towards all,

Lisa’s magnificent peeps………

Much peace, love, and light,