Whatever you experience now is bc of the way you have made others feel in the past. This life time. Past lifetimes. In the present moment. Karma. Gets you every time!

The good news is that we can do a lot of good and make people feel good bc then that will come back to us. Good karma rocks! In every moment we are in complete control of the ways our lives will turnout. You can change that in an instance if you think about it that way.

The next time you wonder WHY things are the way they are or why you are lonely. look back and see how you made other people feel. I guess that takes the part of life away that we are all victims and things happen to us bc of circumstance or bad luck. I guess they happen to us to balance the scales of justice so to speak. It is universal law so everything stays in balance and we can create. If you think about it, it is a pretty awesome and simple way of viewing the world. Leave it to god to think of something so easy yet so brilliant.

Guess do unto others as you would have done unto you makes a lot of sense when you think of the balance we need. Not just bc we are taught to be nice but bc it is all part of something so much bigger.

Just a thought while at the orthodontist. I think i have a lot of good coming back to me. We all have a little not so good…even mother Theresa. But i suppose as long as we get up everyday, smile, and treat people..especially the ones we love the most with respect and unconditional love we will get that back in return…today is a great day and it is only 8:00 am

Every moment is a new slate board to create something new. Again. How cool that god gave us that gift. In every moment we can make that moment something complete new and opposite bc it is a new moment. We can make new karma in every moment. What a great way to live. I choose to create beauty simplicity love and light. What are you going to create in your new moments? Remember there is no 10 seconds ago so rock on!

An early a.m. thought…. :). See what living with me is. Lol lol you just never know!.

Inspired by a boomerrang!

Ahhh inspiration….that is for another day!


Lisa J. Smith