Why do we create? We create because it allows the inner part of ourselves be heard.

So many times we feel that they are not able to be ourselves. We feel that we are not being heard and we are not able to be what we want to be on the outside… but on the inside we are crying out to be heard. As sad as this is, it is true for many of us walking around the planet right now.

When we enter into a state of creation, any state of creating, it us being authentic and real to who we are. We are bringing the inside of ourselves to the outside. We are letting that inner child and that inner quite voice express who we are and what we are on the inside.

We hold it all in because very often we feel that being the way we are is either not good enough or that we are being judged. This comes from years of being told in many different ways…by our families, schools, communities and so on that what we are is not conforming enough to the outside world. Example, if you want to be liked, if you want to fit in, if you want a good job or if you want to be happy…you must be THIS WAY_______. How is that working out so for you? If you are anything like the rest of us, I am sure the answer is “not so good!”

When we create we go within ourselves and allow the beauty of all that is within us to come out. We allow that part of us to be authentic and real to our truths.

Being who we are is as important to life as breathing. We just have learned through thousands of years to evolve out of being who we are…. the breathing we have not figured out yet! But I am sure if we could we would! We are that good at tricking and masking ourselves.

Why do you think we are here? Because it is fun?????

For many millions and millions of people who are homeless, live in war torn regions and have extreme abuse in their life…it is not always fun! It is painful and raw to be here, living on this planet we call Earth. With that said, we are all here to remember who we are. Creation allows us to remember those parts of us that we have stored away for many, many, many years…sometimes lifetimes.

I often tell people. “You’re so creative!” They always look at me like, “Who me?” I say “YES YOU!” and they are shocked. Why always so shocked? Why would you not be? You made it this far on the planet…health, finances, and relationships, etc…YOU ARE CREATIVE…YOU ARE CREATING YOUR LIFE!

Creative does not mean that you are going to be the next Monet, Renoir, or Bach. It means that you have your OWN amazing gifts and talents inside of you that allow you to think outside of the box and be all that you want to be. You have always been doing this but it is so natural you don’t see it. It is part of that toolbox of life that we are all born with! How do you think we got this far? Because you are CREATIVE!

That toolbox contains many tools that we can use to adjust ourselves, tweak ourselves and fix (I use that term loosely because I don’t believe anything is ever broken to be fixed) what is not working properly in that moment.

Creation is the basis for all that is. You are the basis for all that is. If you are a part of All That Is…Creation…than how can you not be creative?

We need to stop and start using our common sense. We have to stop being so hard on ourselves. If others are creative in their own way, then you are creative in your own way. No two people can create the same. No two people look the same. No two people are here to fill in the same piece of the puzzle. Your piece is uniquely yours and you are designing it in every moment you are here…. when you are no longer here….your piece will be completed for this puzzle….what do you want it to look like?

Your creativeness lies within your being. It is there; it has always been there.

Allow yourself to create. Maybe it is a garden, maybe it is a song, maybe it is a new way to move your furniture or office space around, maybe it is with your finances, create with your clothing, create with your voice, CREATE! CREATE! CREATE! and allow your inner creative beauty to be shared with me, with us.

We need you!

Be the creative masterpiece you were born to be.