i just heard this in my head…my peeps are talking to me again! “We get what we need to BUILD us into the people we are to become”…that is just so cool….and i say that while under major construction, btw lol lol.  we create our homes to be whatever it is we think we want…we build vision boards, positive think are way into the future, and mastermind to take us where we think we want to be. finally, while we are co creating our future, we are building our homes to sustain that vision by getting what we need (not always what we want)…i think we forget about our homes needing solid foundations built that must be strong and solid…we forget that…we get what we need, not what we want. we must love the learning and construction process….it is painful and not easy and full of choices and decisions we must make…some easier than others…as i write this i realize that life is ALWAYS being “built”, we are always under construction and if we want to start truly living in joy, peace and happiness…. we must start living in the moment of what is and not worry so much about creating what is not…that is taking us out of the moment…that is not co creating…that is co destroying…we are becoming all that we build! NOW THAT IS SO COOL!