In between the spaces

What to do?  What to do?  What to do?

Time is ticking and I am sitting.

Sitting…watching time pass me by.




Wondering when life will throw its curve balls somewhere lese.  Wondering when I will ever get off home plate. Wondering where in the world I will go?  Wondering where I will end up?  Where can I feel supported?  Where is the love?


I don’t claim to understand it.  I never have claimed to understand all that is.  I’m not sure I am supposed too.  I do know it has been interesting.  Twists and turns, ups and downs, all leading me to a place of unknown certainties and in directions I could never have anticipated.  

Good places.

Bad Places.

Not sure anymore…maybe just places.  

Places in between life where the answers are hard to find.  Searching comes up empty.  Sometimes I think the reason is far past our capacity to understand that place.  So for now, I will continue through this journey, maybe it is the journey of “make believe”.  I just don’t know anymore.  I have decided I do not know much.  I am thinking that maybe that is ok.  

So I will sit.

I will sit in the space in between.

I will be in that space of fleeing answers, yet some sort pf peace. 

What to do I may never know…maybe that is the point, the reason, and the place to be!