I am really not sure that we will ever understand. Understand  ourselves, others, the universe, the world, death, the afterlife, birth, earth, people, animals, trees, ANYTHING….I am not so sure it is our job to figure all that out.

In the meantime, all we can do is enjoy what is now. I know we have heard that…a million books are written about it…and we don’t REALLY even know what that means. After all, by the time I say NOW…NOW is already gone. Now really is a crazy thing to understand… for sure not easy to be in with a mind like ours.

There are no promises that life will deal you a good hand, winning hand or even a hand you like. There is no guarantee that your life will be as you planned. Chances are good your life will be very different then you planned it to be when you were little. It is all good I suppose. It has to be. Why? Because…. Best answer I can give!

Being upset, angry, resentful, bitter, or pissed is really NOT going to change a thing…I know because I tried this and I am pretty sure who ever reads this has too. Those things brings unhappiness because they take us back to something we can not change. We might want too. We try but it is just not possible…I know because I have tried that also. The past sucks for a reason and we want to change it because it sucked…so why go back to a time that sucked when we can be in a place we can choose to make it what we want!

We will never understand what we want. We will never really get everything we want.

I think the answer might just lie in letting it all be…letting it go… trying to figure it all out and just enjoying what is. I don’t know if that is the answer or not…but I do not that feels a lot better.

Staying there is not so easy…I’m not so sure we are meant to stay there forever anyway…even though we all want that. 🙂

I believe that answer is that ole saying about the flow…stay in it and see where it goes. We will never understand the why… but sure can enjoy the float down to the next bend.

I remeind myself of this many times through the days…sometimes more than others.  I don’t understand. I never claimed too. I am not so sure I even want to try anymore. It is exhausting. For now I will not understand…I believe their is wisdom somewhere in that. If there is…great! If not, well then nothing ventured nothing gained.

Know you are loved! Loved always and forever by things we will never understand but can only accept…why? Because it feels better knowing that than NOT!