Because you are not living in the moment and rising out of the “earthly” place you are feeling stuck in.

Once you get your own place it will always be something else and something else, etc. Until you learn how to BE in the moment and accept that where you are does not define you, you will find yourself FEELING the way you feel now. The key is the way you are feeling…not where you are living. 

Get on your magic carpet out and ride above the physical limitations that you are finding yourself in within your mind. Allow your spirit to set you free as you enjoy the moment of where you are now. If only for a moment you catch a feeling of joy,that is all you need to feel better today…that feeling will be a B12 shot for the soul.

CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE and view to change your life. The place may not be changing and it does not have too in order for you to change the way you view it.

I realize less than ideal and not what you might want but it is what you need. When you finally realize that, you will find your own place. This is not to punish you or keep you down. It is so you realize what you are capable of. 

As long as you are LOOKING for peace you will NEVER EVER find it. You will ALWAYS be trying to find it.  It is only when you become that “piece of peace” will you find happiness. Be the peace, be the freedom, be the beauty and be who you are…not where you WANT to be or think you should be! xoxo