I have not been enough places to know where I want to be. I suppose the idea of Fiji sounds nice…although sometimes far away is never far enough!

Funny thing is I have no idea.  I have been thinking a lot about this lately. No where feels right yet everywhere is where I WANT to be.

Being a Gemini with a 5 life path, where ever I end up I will always be up for a change after I am there for “too long” and I “master” the place I am in”.  Kinda like been there done that, now where can we go! 🙂 But where ever I am in the moment, I always LOVE and find the good and “want to move there next”!  I live in constant double duality. lol

Ironically, I have always been in Detroit with travel here and there. I have the strongest desire to be anywhere but here yet find myself NEVER being able to leave for various reasons. I guess there is always a plan…most likely I will die here! lol

I suppose I will be wherever I end up and I am always there so does it really matter???  I now know it is not where, but but who I am with.

For now, I am I here, which is everywhere…and if you are everywhere, why do you need to BE anywhere else?