Message of the Moment:  Be your forever by being it NOW!   I know at times it feels like “now” will last forever.  What’s important to know is that even though it’s feeling like forever…your “forever” is always changing, shifting, and evolving into whatever you want your “forever” to be.

The problem most people have is that we do NOT know what we want forever to look like. We think we want it to look one way, but we don’t KNOW what that for sure will be.  What we send out  is “not knowing” and “not knowing” is what we get back…therefore making “now” feel like “forever” (which technically it is).  Homework:  Get Clear on a direction, focus, and persevere.

After all…forever is just made up of all the “NOW’S’”!  Be your forever by being it NOW…NOW, I think I ended up where I started from!  And the insanity continues… lol

Be love and light rock stars! YOU ARE LOVED!