I hear that a lot from many people…

Maybe it’s like putting off what we don’t want to hear.  We “get what what we need…not what we want” and who wants that?? 😉

When the student is ready the teacher will teach…not that I am the teacher, spirit is.  When you are ready you will call!  Just remember the things that are best for us is often the thing ego is resisting because it does not want “ITS” role to change!  Whether it’s working out, eating better, quitting bad habits, making phone calls….ego’s job is to sabotage us to keep us in our place.  OUR job is to acknowledge ego, thank it for reminding us what we need to work on, and tell it to get behind us because we have work to do! 🙂 Ego likes to think it’s the boss…that is its job and it always works!  It is our job to KNOW better and rise above! 

Sending love…you know how to find me when you are ready. I am not going anywhere.