I know that many people believe that this is a time of change and great energies are all around us…AND I SUPPOSE IT IS!

I feel like something is missing, something that we are not getting and I do not know what that is. If I think about it, it bothers me…so I don’t think about it that much.  If I do, it takes me out of the present.  I have things to deal with now that seem a lot more important to me than figuring out the entire universe with one thought. lol  I honestly don’t think it is that hard to figure out!

Anyway, we have the astrology and prophecies telling us one thing….yet I think what is happening is so subtle, that if no one spoke of it, we may not even notice the changes as much as we do because we are in a heightened state of awareness.

This leads me to wonder if our collective thoughts are shifting things from the inside out or is it happening form the outside in???? Hmmm….one will never know and maybe we are not supposed to know!

I think we talk about being in the moment, yet we are ALL being taken out of the moment WAITING for a great shift or change of energies on a certain date or time to happen. Who cares?  How are you REALLY doing anything different to live your life?

For years I have been doing this work and all I have heard from people is how they are awakening to feel energy no matter WHAT year it was.  What can they do to work with the energies around them?  Everyday all types of people, all around the world, are always feeling and sensing energies at different times…”when the student is ready the teacher will teach” as they say.  2012 seems no different to me than 10 years ago, except for the seeds that have been planted by the prophecies and the hoopla around it.

Furthermore, if there is truly “NO TIME and SPACE” in the outer worlds why is it that as humans we created this time now?  Because planets are aligning?  What if the planets are telling us something different that have nothing to do with “evolving” and growing and shifting consciousness.  Who says that is really what is going on? New age people? Scientists say something different? Religious folks are say ng something else???  Ask a million different people and you will get a million different answers as they say. If they SOUND similar, it is because people “parrot” and repeat what they are told, read, and hear about if it makes sense to them in their PARADIGMS! Guess what….NO ONE REALLY KNOWS!

Plus, how can we grow if we are already ALL knowing in our core yet in a state of non remembering? Just because we don’t remember on a conscious level, does not mean that we are not what we are made of…or are do we become what we consciously think we are????

While this might be a time of transformation…I am not so sure this is not ALWAYS happening on different levels and will always continue.  NO two transformations are the same so of course this is different than the others. We transformed from the industrial revolution to the modern age…was that a prophecy in the calender and if so did it cause the population to freak out that it was changing?  If people actually knew, like we know of 2012…how would have they reacted differently to the changes?

It is hard to say what will be.  I am guided by higher self and my guides to hold tight, keep my focus, and stay present.  The moment is really all we have…and what will be is yet to be determined and out of my control.

Being still and trusting that all is in divine order is the key to riding this 2012 wave. As with surfing…you never know where on the beach you will land…and that is not the point. Catch the wave, ride for as long as you can and then get back up and do it again! Where you land is irrelevant to the surfer.

I wonder how many people will be disappointed by the hype…

Bottom line…kind of like the presidential elections….I cant wait until it is all over so we can move on and stop hearing about it all ready!   😉