We’re all the Turtle: 

You are here to be human and with that humanity comes bumps in the rode, things that scare us, and hearts that get broken….these things do not define you.  We all get in places where are hearts close at times for various reasons and we pull ourselves in for protection.  We protect ourselves as a turtle does with its shell.

That is why it has a shell in the first place, for protection.  Although, it the turtle becomes “stuck” or “paralyzed with fear” while in its shell, it’s because it’s so afraid to come out and does not use its others senses to check to see if it is “safe” or not. Then the turtle will perish because it can not sustain life with out food and water.

You have sustained!  You are here.  Use your other senses to check if you are safe and slowly (as only a turtle can do) poke your little head out, look around, sniff the air, and put one foot in front of the other as you continue along your path on your journey.

You pull in again as you sense danger along your journey…this time be the wise turtle and no when to continue on.

As I always say, “Information is knowelde, and knowledge is wisdom.”

Now you know through information and you have the knowledge…so NOW it is time to be wise!

Free and Happy Turtle!