I can’t sleep again tonight…this is super unusual for me as I usually fall asleep in no time flat. I wonder what is going on with me????

There has been so much on my mind for at least the past week…maybe it is the energy of the world, maybe it is life, maybe it is death, maybe it is the future, the past, and the present all at the same time. Whatever it is, it is keeping me up…up to ponder, pray, ask God and the universe and my best friend Tracey and Grandma Jessie for help, clarity, answers, protection, healing, more answers, and what ever else my mind goes into late at night. I find myself calling upon Archangel Michael a lot these days… I feel like my thoughts are an infinite tree, with endless branches, reaching into a black sky seeking something within the dark yet enlightened paths.

My last thought was this…if the world is ending in a few days then why do we need to worry about anything at all? We won’t be here and I don’t know where we will go…but I do know that worrying about anything is not going to be worth anything at all….then I started thinking well maybe we won’t be here in 4 years or 40 years and for sure in 400 years…so what is the point of worrying right now about anything at all? In the end, what we worry about is still for nothing…whether it ends now or then. Worrying is stupid.

Well the world one will end for you, for me, for all life as it is in this moment…whether by natural causes and old age or the world blowing up…I know as we live we die…or I like to say…”change form” back to our original state of energy…whatever that is. Worrying about what will be wont change that…it only takes away from the living of life.

So I am not sure why I can’t sleep these days…I suppose because I, like so many, worry…not about the end of the world in 4 days, but about when it doesn’t end. Then what do we do?? What do I do?

I know this is not being in the moment, but I also know to worry is human. To be human is learning. I am learning something to be sure…I have a feeling it has something to do with faith. Faith and divine order and all is as it needs to be. Funny thing about learning…we don’t know what we learned until we need to use it…that worries me too.

So for now…I will stay up following the great pathways in my mind…that most likely lead to no where yet everywhere and all places in between. Maybe that is the moment…I know it is the journey.