Message of the moment: Being who you were born to be is not that easy. 

I often wonder why that is when after all we continually build upon the foundation of who we are!

Maybe that is where we lose ourselves… within the being of who we are…WOW! We lose ourselves in the being of who we are…the layers upon layers that we create in all moments…. creating layers of separation from ourselves in order to be what others want us to be therefore growing outward further from our centers.

Us just being who we are makes it so “simply obvious” of the love, possibilities, beauty, joy and being that we miss it all together. We miss ourselves somewhere in the translation of survival and living, pleasing, and giving that we forget to remember ourselves and what WE can do for US.

The message is to get back to you, the things that inspire you, the things that excite you, the things that make you smile and bring joy to your life….maybe by doing that we really can then be who we were born to be…even if we are in this moment who we have created.