In a dream the other night, I was accidentally scratched by a zombie, it didn’t even happen un purpose.  In my dream, we learned to live with each other, not against, yet one always had to be on guard.

I was a warrior, a bad ass fighter, and a survivor among them in a dirty worn out world. I knew after many years of fighting for survival while living with them, it was all over…I was so scared and confused because I didn’t know what was going to happen next.  I was so used to fighting them off to survive if need be, I never thought about what would happen if I were attacked, I assumed I would just knew…well I did not.  

After coming to terms with it and having to own it, I walked out to the old brick paved rode outside, got down on my knees and accepted what was to happen next. people were all around me, people who were my friends and my fellow fighters for many years, now armed with baseball bats ready to kill me…they knew I was going to change.

In the center of them all…I got down on my knees, looked over at the only person I knew who always had my back, and with a look he knew not to let them shoot me with guns (I am terrified of guns btw). Once I knew he would not let that happen to me, I looked forward, closed my eyes, bowed by head, and accepted my fate.

As soon as I did that…everything beautiful poured down upon me, beautiful things, joy, freedom, and love. They piled up on top of me so high, I was soon underneath a mountain of everything beautiful and everything I ever wanted.

Then I woke up. That was 2 nights ago. A dream to always remember, share, and be grateful for. 

I saw in my dream when we stop fighting what is, accept situations, & surrender to whatever might come great abundance can and will pour down upon us…greater than we can ever imagine. 🙂