Empowerment and Spiritual Push Ups:

It is an exhausting way to live when we attempt to please and hold everyone else up. It is not how we are programmed therefore makes us tired because we are working against the natural flow.

Imagine doing a push up…for a lot of people that is VERY hard.  We are using our own weight… UGH, PPUUSSHHHHH……it’s hard enough to push ourselves up sometimes, right??? Now imagine a few of those people you are afraid to let go of or are worried about on your back…it is impossible to do a push up with ALL those people and their weight sitting on your back…no one is that strong and it is sure to deplete all your strength and energy trying to hold and push others up. Work on pushing yourself up first and do your own letting go before attempting to life others. 

Giving others the opportunity to learn to lift themselves up so they can grow (they will NOT like that by the way…who does not want someone else to do their push up for them?) is the best gift of all for EVERYONE, like it or not! Now that is the ultimate love for self and others!

Start with one and modify if necessary.  They do get easier as you build your strength.  Soon, you will be doing them one handed and the thought of doing anyone else’s push up will not even be appealing…


Happy push ups!