While I have never worked with someone with this “disorder”, that I know of, and I am not a professional in this area…I do have thoughts based on energetically tapping into it in the past.

First I do not feel that it, like many things we tend to label, is a disorder. That would mean something is out of “divine” order and I have to believe that “all is as it is” for reasons we will never know while in the physical body.  We are all PERFECT AS IS so no disorder!

Second, I do feel that people have an innate and soulful sense about who they are on the inside and choose to have a different outer expereince to learn whatever lessons they need to learn while having this expereince of physical duality.

I have always been drawn to understanding these energies because I find it fascinating that the “physical” self and the “energy” self of energy can be so opposite. With that said, the universe is all based on the universal laws of duality…

I have also wondered if somewhere while in the womb there is not “a cross over of wires” so to speak that tells us what our gender will be. etc.  Yet if that is true, then the whole theory that we pick our experiences, parents, paths, and our bodies would be out the window.  

Either way, I have the most respect for any person who follows what they know to be right within themselves with such conviction, courage, and strength. I can not imagine how difficult that would be…as most have us have a hard time with just the simplest of truths we carry. It is the bravest of brave who KNOW who they are and fight for that truth.

I do beleive that everything we are is, or becomes a part of, what we always have been which is energy. Also, we are everything all at one time always both male and female. 

We have all been male and female in the past…maybe some are here to experience both and then be able to choose what is right for them.  I suppose we will never know for sure what and why we have the paths that we do…all we can be sure of is the path we chose is one that we can be proud to walk, regardless of what it is made up of and where it leads. 

Not sure if this answers your questions or or not…if not I hope it answered just my thoughts on things. 

Be well! 🙂