I am sorry to hear that and I will send love and healing to all…My only words are that nothing is ever what we think it is and NOTHING ever happens in a way that we will ever understand.

It is part of the human expereince to mourn what we beleive in our minds we no longer have. The truth is, and I only know this from the thousands of loved ones I have connected with on the other side as well as my peeps, is that nothing EVER dies, it only changes form. Everything returns back to a natural state and once an energy is created it can not be destroyed or what we call “die”.

All “death” in any form is a re-birthing and a bridge from one side to the other…The love that you are mourning is forever in your heart and a part of your soul. Even with that little seed, it can not “die”. We NEVER walk alone and we are always being supported… whether the consciousnesses know this truth or not. Allow yourself the mourning and the healing for this is natural and beautiful although painful at times.

There are many feelings we humans feel when we feel loss…allow it to come up and out and transmute that into loving healing energies. Loss comes in many forms whether the loss of a physical body, a relationship, a job, a friendship, etc…mourning is mourning and as it stands it is just sad, painful, angry, understood and then misunderstood at times, and then we are at a loss for everything…and around and around it goes until time alone brings us healing.

Know that why you mourn your heart is being held and you are never alone. I will put you in my Healing Circle Of Light!