I like many others have had times of being “depressed”.  

I call depression “de-pressed” because it is during these dark and lonely times we feel like are being de-pressed into a rut of solitude and there is no way out. It also does not sound as medical! 

I can not speak for the medical conditions or give psychological advice…only from personnel expereince and intuition.

I believe that this time of being de-pressed is also a time of great healing and insight in to how we are accepting life’s offerings. I believe that many times when we are de-pressed it is because there is a part of us that has been trying for so long to live one way that and it is not working the way we want. It is a sign we are way of course.  We grow tired, frustrated, lose hope, become aggravated, shut down, push away relationships, feel sad, and feel as if the hole (or rut) that we are in is never going to let go of us.  I suppose that it will not.  We are the ones who need to let go of it. 

De-pression leaves us feeling as if there is an impression in our soul that is there to remind us that we are not living in the flow of our higher calling and self.  When we live in the flow of life, when we accept life as it comes to us, and we stop resisting and holding out hope for what we THOUGHT it would be…we can start to work our way out of the rut.

De-pression, as any dark energy, has only the hold on your that you allow it to have. That is VERY hard to believe when you are in the depths of it, I know! The truth is, you are always in control even when you are at the darkest and lonely place in the rut. You just have lost site of the upper rim of the whole and need a little boost so you can then lift yourself out of it. That too is almost impossible to believe when you are flat on your back looking up into the abyss.

We have this amazing gift called insight, that if we allow it too, will guide us to the next place within our journey. It will be that boost we need to get us to the top of the hole.  

Not every place is going to be a place we WANT to be, yet if we trust the journey and process we may discover it is a place that we needed to go to for self discovery. 

As far as being heredity, and the science of depression, I can not speak…I have often thought that if we grow up with parents who are depressed or an depressed environment it becomes not only nature but nurture as well and we will be more likely to be depressed.  We learn our coping skills through watching adults around us. If we see depression rather than the coping skills it is more likely we will become it.

I do believe that de-pression, as well as any other continual thought pattern can change the pathways of the brain, therefore causing different brain patterns than those not de-pressed.

While in an actual state of de-pression, there is not a lot a person can say or do to cheer you up.  Trust me, I do know that much. 

I believe that if we allow the natural evolution of feelings to come up and out, be gentle with ourselves, and begin to accept a journey we may not have control over, we can then begin to heal. When we begin to heal the old patterns, let go of what we thought we wanted, accept life exactly as it is in that moment and all that is has brought to you in the past, and let the universe bring to us what we need, we can then start lifting ourselves up out of the rut one step at a time.

Best way to not get in the de-pression in the first place…listen to your heart, your intuitive self, trust the universe and all the beauty the world has to offer. It is always there waiting for each of us…it is only when we believe it to be true can we see it.

Hey, if one things falls apart the wonderful thing is, there are so many other things holding us together!