I have found that my own weight gain, as well as those I have worked with, are far more than just physical. We all have emotional, mental, and spiritual reasons for not taking care of our bodies.

Most people gain weight from a fear of not being SAFE. When we don’t feel safe, for a variety of reasons, we begin on an unconscious level, to use our bodies for protection. We put on weight similar to that of putting on layers of blankets to make us feel warm, protected, and nurtured.

Think back time to the time in your life when you started to feel unsafe. What was going on around you or to you that made you feel like you were not safe?  When you started to feel unsafe, did you feel a loss of control in the world?  What happened next?  Think back to how that must have made you feel?  , alone, fearful, unloved, not protected, etc.  How are those feelings of fear and insecurity effecting on you today?  Maybe it is time to go there, drill,down, look at them, release them, take your control back, feel the safety, and own your life.

For me, it was when my life changed suddenly at 21 and I felt as if I had no control. I had never had a weight problem before yet all of a sudden I felt unsafe, scared, unprotected, and unsure of everything in the world. That started years of up down “dieting”.

For me, it was never about the food…it was my bodies reaction to the emotional trauma that I was feeling. My body said, “uh oh..we are not safe…put on as many layers of insulation that we can and that will make us feel better and we will be safe”.

The fact is the more layers I put on, the more unsafe in reality I was. I was slower to react, my thinking was not clear, my intuition was not as strong, and my body felt so bad and weak. I could not really run from danger if I had too. The false sense of feeling safe really made me unsafe in reality. My mind and my ego were playing the same ole tricks on me. I was not aware of how I was truly feeling in my body. It was easier to not feel it. The false sense of security became my unconscious new norm.

Feeling unsafe is, in most cases, the reason WHY we gain weight. Then we turn to emotional eating, etc. I love something called TAPPING. The link is below and will tell you everything you need to know about this amazing and transformative process.

It is FREE…it is something you can teach yourself, your kids, your friends, anyone really. By tapping on certain meridian points and “tapping into” what our fears, anxiety, safety concerns are we begin to open up, release, then bring in SAFE feelings and emotions that we are in control of. By letting the old fears go, we make room for a new safer way of being in the world. All fear is an illusion. We we feel in control we are then able to pull down and anchor in healthy thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Use tapping to “drill down” to the center of what it is that is making you feel unsafe. At first, most people don’t know…start at what you do know and as you move through your tapping let what ever comes up come up. Tap,through whatever it is that you are feeling…even if it does not make sense at first. We have stuff in there…as I always say’ “we have to let it come up and out to feel better.”

I do not believe in coincidences and if you are reading this than there is a reason why…you are ready to drill down, look at your truths, release them finally, and bring positive energy into ALL of your bodies…MIND, BODY, AND SPIRIT. You are safe. You are ready. You are strong. You can do this.

Use the link before to get you started. Watch the video. The Ortner’s are really amazing teachers who are passionate about helping others.

Learn tapping…and teach it to others. I love it for all areas of my life, anxiety, stress, business success, healing old wounds, weight loss, etc…. HAPPY TAPPING.