Spring cleaning is on the way….

Want to detach and take a good look at yourself?  Do you want to take a look inside yourself and see who you really are?  Do you ever wonder how other people view you?  Do you want to know why you can’t find clarity?

Well, take note and at how you store, organize and keep “your stuff”.  Are you organized and labeled, are you scattered and messy, are you an organized hoarder, are you sparse with things in your space, do you save all your emotional “things” and the stuff that bring back memories, do you get rid of everything as you get it, do you have a storage unit for extra stuff you are hanging on to for who knows what, what does your car look like inside, do you keep all your stuff in one place, etc.?

The way we store and care for our things, or lack of things, is a HUGE look into ourselves.  It shows us how we think, react, feel, and mentally and emotionally exist in the world.

Maybe you label everything and everyone.  Maybe you are a organized and compartmentalized thinker. Maybe you don’t like to think of anything so “you throw it all away”.  Maybe you don’t like baggage.  Maybe you are afraid to let go of the past so you save things you don’t need.  Maybe you hang on to things because “one day you might need it”….Sound familiar??

For example, take note of your basement and what it looks like (also a metaphor for our foundation), go up into your attic (also a metaphor for what we store in our heads), look at and in your car (also a metaphor for how we transport ourselves through the world), examine your closets (we all heard the phrase “skeletons in the closet” and stuffing things away), look in your garage (a place we STORE extra stuff), etc…

When you look around, what you see is what you are sending out to the world…and what you will get back!

Life is all a metaphor. In addition, we are always sending out vibrations of where we are in our lives.  What we send out is we get back because like attracts like. Another words, the vibrations we send out then link up and match with other vibrations creating a connections of “LIKENESS”!

If you don’t like what you see and feel…change it!  Throw old stuff out, shake out the rugs, clean the house, sweep under your rugs, clean out the cobwebs, organize what you have, reorganize your stuff and make room for the new.  It is always up to you on how you give and receive and where YOU “vibrate”. Co-create a world that makes you feel empowered, healthy, and good! Then you can “vibrate” with others who are doing the same…you can pay it forward and show others the way as well!

Try it! Life might be kinda fun when you change things up a little.  Don’t worry if at first it is uncomfortable, your brain is used to the old patters that’s all… if you stick with the new way of organizing therefore thinking,  soon it will like that too…our brains are very moldable once we get in the habit. 😉

Spring is almost here and a perfect time to start fresh…inside and out!