There’s no title because there is no sense to this yet somehow, somewhere, there has to be an order to all….or maybe none at all.

There are many, many, many, you’s all stemming from the “one you” having similar yet different experiences. The essence of who you really are is in your core. It is that “one”ness or maybe called your soul…and that “you” or your soul is splintered into many different the many different you’s….why? Why not just one soul, one place, one you and one me…why so many???

In dreams we all bi-locate to other places that are similar yet different, with other people who are similar yet different, to have different experiences. Bi-locating is something we all do and have all experienced whether we know it or not. Does this show us there is more than one???

Don’t you wonder if the other you’s bi-locate to this life you know as you? Do you ever wonder what you wake up and tell people about in your other you self from this life… that you dreamt about from here? What do you think you would gather from this life and why is it important to know about it? What could this life be telling your other lives about you here and there?

Why so many you’s around in so many different yet similar places…I don’t know! Maybe to gather as many different experiences as possible. Why do we need these experiences? What are these experiences for? Why do we have to have them if we are all knowing already? What is the purpose of learning if we already know?

So many things don’t make sense. So many people here claim to know the answers. Maybe the answer is as simple as we choose to experience “living and life” in many different places for only the experiences. Why? Who really knows that answer? No one, because no one is meant to know.

Maybe there is some plan and we are all pawns in a much big game carrying out missions to accomplish one thing or another? Maybe the “nothing is what we think it is” is for our own protection. Maybe there are a few people down here who do know and are trying to enlighten all of us…but we don’t want to hear what we don’t understand. We don’t like what we can’t organize, understand, preach, see, hear, feel, and justify in our brains…the few others have faith in nothing but everything and are the differences makers on what ever scale is needed to bring about truth..fascinating!!! But who is listening?

We will never know the answers to which we seek in this life… so why do we seek for them??? What part, other than ego, wants to know the answers and have the experience less than we already do have?? Maybe that is part of all of this….to know less experience more.

Maybe we are all blank slates and there really is nothing and we make it up as we go along creating new pathways so our future selves have an easy path? Why do they need a path…the questions are endless….the answers we will never know. The wise don’t ask questions they simply just are be-ing in what ever is…it is.

Asking these questions is the same as a dog chasing its tale…and even if we do catch it then another question comes about…then what do we do with it?

I believe the answer is somewhere in between: so simple we will never get it and it’s kinda like holding onto air…and so deep we will never get it even if we saw it because we would dont recognize what we do not have paradigms for…and simply because we are not meant too…why???? Again…the questions, questions, questions, never end.

I find peace in knowing that nothing is what I see it to be and that the answers are everywhere and no where all at the same time. It brings me comfort, not in the answers, but In the belief that there is so much more I DON ‘T know.

I don’t want to know…I just want to be.