So you want to go on an adventure huh? What is the adventure you ask? Hitchhiking across the USA exploring every state.

All great adventures need some kind of plan. Before you set out on this once in a lifetime adventure you must prepare, plan it out, have destinations, know where you are going, get everything you will need together, and know what your intention is.

Once you have all that…you can set off to go. When you start off in the first state you are so excited you can hardly wait to get going. You have planned, saved, and waited for this your whole life. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. You’re going to meet new people, have new experiences, eat different food, check out the sites, see how other people live in other parts of the country, etc…

As you move throughout the first dozen or so states you are so excited and everything is so alive and new. The plan is going along pretty much as planned and all is good. People are nice and helpful, the scenery is amazing, you are learning a lot about all the new places you are visiting, and things could not be any better. This is perfect.

Then something starts to change around the 15th state. Small little bumps in the rode that were nothing before are adding up to be a big bump that is starting to annoy you. Things are not working out as planned. You start growing a little weary and are not finding the joy you did in the beginning.

By the time you get to the 18th state the adventure is not as fun at all as when it began or what you hoped it would be. You feel stuck in the middle. The last state is so far away and you are in to deep to go home now.

As you move into more and more states there are more and more challenges along the way. The people you meet up with are not as kind, actually they can be unkind, dishinest, and nasty. Help is far a few between. Some of the people you do meet are out for themselves and not you. They are not very nice and you start to feel uneasy about your plan. There are some people who hold judgement against everything you do. Then there are the people who just ignore you all together and keep on rolling like you are not even there. At this point, you wonder what you have you gotten yourself into. There are still at least 30 states to go, you are not even half way done, and this rode trip adventure is anything but fun. You are full of regret, questions, longing for home, and depressed because things are not working out as planned. What were you thinking? How did this awesome plan turn into this mess?

Now, you are feeling really tired, weary, maybe haven’t some finicaial bumps along the way you didn’t plan for and drained. People are starting to get to you and you really just want to turn around and go home….but you can’t. You know that you have to finish this adventure. Somehow, someway, if you can just get through it and finish then everything will be ok, right? You are supposed to be having fun, remember?

So what do you do? You are stuck in the middle of the country, things are looking bleak, and you are longing for anything familiar, safe, and warm. The rode has been tough, tougher than you thought.

You stop. You need a break. Somewhere and someplace safe to regain your thoughts, remember why you are doing this, and maybe redo your plan….maybe there is no plan at all.

AHA!!! A light bulb goes off….it’s the plan that is throwing you off. You are so worried about sticking to the plan that when something throws it off, even a little, you lose your focus and become disappointed and frustrated.

Not only that, you have been carrying around, from state to state, to much baggage. In addition, everything that someone said to you 3 states ago you are still letting fester in your thoughts today. No wonder you are tired. No wonder this is not fun. No one can carry all that baggage. Not even you.

Guess what!? You are 3 states away from what happened there. Let it go.

You then realize this is why you lost your joy….You lost the fun and joy and innocence because you allowed other people and situations to weigh you down.

You dig a little deeper, stay still a little longer, and accept that you are not half way through, maybe this is not so bad after all and start to get excited because the adventure is still waiting for you. The adventure is what YOU make it it…not what other people make it.

So with a clear head, a lighter load, and a new perspective you set off towards the next state. Yes, there might be people who. don’t have your best interest at heart and don’t want to help you. Yes, there may be small bumps in the rode but that is all they are…a small bumps in the rode. No need to carry all of that along with you. Let it go….al of it. This is your rode trip…you define it not other people or situations.

Awwww….the adventure is still there….fresh, new, beautiful, and fun. It was you that needed to take a break, refocus , and organize your thoughts not the adventure. The adventure is what you create as you move along.

Moral of the story….if you are In Nebraska, leave what happened in Oklahoma in Oklahoma…You don’t need it. You have moved on. New state, new adventure, and clean slate.

Life is the adventure. We can plan all we want but sometimes we need to lose the plan, stop, refocus, remember why we started off on this great adventure in the first place, and have fun. It’s so easy to get caught up in the little things, so easy to let people pull us off track, so easy to forget why we started this journey, so easy to give up, so easy to get frustrated….so easy to forget our intention when we started….what was the intention anyway?

The intention is to explore to places, have new experiences, meet new people, learn about the country, create a new path, be an explorer, and have fun on the greatest adventure of all time. This was your choice and your adventure. Your life, living, and exploring is for you to have experiences that bring you love and joy. When you live in joy and love we all live in joy and love….

Now clean out your baggage from other the states you don’t need, brush yourself off, get back on the rode, and go discover everything for the first time….this is your shot….this is YOUR GREAT ADVENTURE…..DO IT!!!!

The path is waiting for you to create.