Getting to the point of surrender is where the fear is…not in the surrender itself.

Our reckless and uncontrollable impulses and emotions are what fear feeds off of. It feeds off us not being in the moment and not being in control of ourselves. Fear feeds of us not being present. Fear knows what our weaknesses are and takes advantage of this place within us as it knows it can defeat such weakness simply by existing and doing nothing else.

It is in the beautiful place of letting go, accepting what IS in the moment, releasing all that scares us, admitting we many be powerless in the way we were fighting before, and allowing what we once called “fear” to actually come on and go toe to toe to try defeat us… Sometimes it will!!! But after we fall to fear we then rise up and we begin to feel…but this time we FEEL different than we felt before. We feel empowerment. We feel strong. We feel invincible. We feel the air. We feel the moment. we feel what we have always been… We feel what is around us and we feel what IS….

It is then that we are DONE being scared…that we RE discover our strength, we FEEL this part of us we never felt before, and we then begin to see what we are capable of. We see that fear is what we were afraid of not the surrender and certainly not the fight to freedom.

RE-learning that in surrender we find our greatest strength. The beauty of it A L L. You are never alone. You are always loved. You were designed to overcome anything. Change you perception change your life.