It’s summer time….people love going to amusement parks.

Who likes the bumper cars?

Why do we like the bumper cars?

Why is slamming our car, as hard as we can, into another persons car so much fun that people of all ages LOVE to get in a car and slam into other people and get slammed into?

We like to say we come from “love and light” yet we love bumping into other people on this ride for the enjoyment of being the slammer….ironic huh?

Sure we like to see people succeed, get ahead, etc, right? Well not always. Why? Because we have two of everything. Two hands, feet, two nostrils, two eyes, two sides of the brain, arms, legs, etc…duality. Our duality is what helps us find our balance. There is no only “love and light” or there would be no balance…sorry not my rules I just live in them too. There is no I am only good. We were created in duality…two. Two sides. Two parts. Two two two. I never believe someone when they say they never get mad or angry. That is scary. If they are not ever the “dark side” then there is something not right and they are suppressing something….it will come out someway, somehow….I just hope I am not around when it does. Lol.

Back to bumper cars….what about the person in the car? I find it fascinating that as long as we are given the proper equipment that gives us protection and safety we have no problem being slammed into by complete strangers by mini cars aimed at hitting us square on. Safety belts, special little cars with rubber all the way around it so that other cars will “bump” right off our car, a little corral to ride around in, electric power, a gas pedal, all designed for safety and fun for people of all ages. Fun stuff….being slammed into and being the one who slams…go figure it would parallel life.

Wow!!!! What a metaphor for life….bumper cars! We all are given the safety equipment we need to play, we have bumpers, we have safety belts, a gas pedal, we have a little corral called Earth to ride around in, all powered by something we created, maybe for other purposes, yet its electrical power is greater than ourselves.

In bumper cars no one takes things personal, everyone is laughing, people are having fun and even “lining up” to take a turn to ride again and again. Is a ride…a game of aggression for all and we love it.

Life is like bumper cars. We lined up to take a turn….and we had so much fun we lined up to do it over and over again. Crazy huh? Yes and no….

Yes because sure there will be the people who love to slam you in the corner and have fun watching other people suffer. There will always be the people who like to play bumper cars so they can show off, be powerful, feel like they are in control, etc….those are the people to look out for. Remember you have to play the game too. Sometimes it feels like everyone in the game is out to get you…you get pushed into the corner and the more you try to get out the more they push you back in and they keep you in your place.

When that happens you know the whistle will blow and the ride will be over. Next time your turn comes up, you will use better discernment when choosing who you are going to ride with. If you get stuck again, and I know you will, use the tools that you have. You are not a victim. You have the same bumper car they have. You have the same equipment. Use the tools that you have to maneuver yourself out of a tough spot, use your bumpers as offense, steer your wheel, press on the gas and haul ass.

I could go on and on but I am sure you get the point…life is a ride, we all have the same equipment for even playing fields, it’s just how we use the equment that we have to play and have fun. This was your choice because it looked like fun. Yes, I can see you rolling your eyes right now….lol. It can be when you change your perception to change your life. Stay away from those who don’t play fair, who want to keep you in their place, and who don’t know how to both win and lose. We live in duality….that means winning and losing at times. It means being the aggressor and receiving the aggressiveness. It is what it is. It’s how YOU play that matters only to you. Brush yourself off….get your wits about you….rethink your strategy and laugh….that is why we line up…because it is fun!!! You are safe. You are protected. You have the tools to ride.

Bumper cars….who would have thought? Next time it’s on to the old fashion car ride. Wait, that is a metaphor too….a track that is laid out for us to already ride on…we can’t steer off the pre laid rode, we think we are steering but we are not….the adults know we can kick back and relax because we have the wisdom to know what the ride really is while kids THINK they are actually driving and they are white knuckled the whole ride with the illusion of steering yet the track will not let us crash, it only goes so fast, there are workers at the end of the ride to guide you into the parking place so you can safely get off….

The amusement park is called amusement for a reason…and we love to pay a fortune, play, ride, wait until dark because the fun starts when the lights come on to make riding in the dark that much more fun.

OHHHHH….. the fun we can have at the amusement park….anyone up for the roller coaster….yea me neither…not today anyway.