20 tips on “How to be an Intuitive … A Psychic…. A Medium” in no particular order.

Yes, everyone is…even you!!!

All it takes is practice, learning to listen, finding people who support you, and trusting what you get.

1. Trust yourself

2. Find like minded people to “practice with” who will hold space for you and allow you to say what you get, don’t try to figure out the message you’re getting…. it’s not yours to figure out…be a mailman, deliver the mail, and allow the receiver to open it.

3. Play with angel cards or other oracle decks and ask for the message you are supposed to get. Pull one card or however many you are guided to pull…maybe it is one…maybe it is four. Trust your guidance. There is no wrong way to pulling your cards. When your comfortable find one person, ask what they need to know, shuffle, divide or mix the deck….whatever works for you and pull the card(s) you feel guided to pull and lay down. Read the card and ADD on with what else you feel the card is trying to “say”.

4. Be open

5. Have no expectations. Everyone receives information different based on the way each person senses and feels.

6. Don’t compare yourself to other people. You will have your own style and delivery. Be ok with that.

7. Pendulums….you can buy one or make a pendulum out of something heavy….you can even use a heavy washer on a string. Draw a circle and ask your pendulum to show you your yes…start with “am I a boy” or ” am I a girl”. when it moves in one direction back and forth…write yes on that axis and no on the other. Write the alphabet and have it spell answers for you.

8. Sit at your computer and ask spirit, your guides, your loved ones…whatever you refer to the energies, a question. Write “automatically” whatever comes to you, always ask in the highest and best to come thru. You can also use an old fashioned pen and piece of paper.

9. Join a meetup at meetup.com

10. Have fun

11. Know you are protected and safe and always working with the best intention

12. You have nothing to prove

13. Be who you are

14. You may not see. You may not hear. You may not smell. You may not feel. You may only have things everything IMPRESSED upon you….ALL at one time. 🙂

15. Some get symbols some don’t. There is no right and no wrong. .

16. Keep talking…keep receiving messages.

17. Ask the next question with whatever you are getting

18. To get a clear head: Close your eyes, breathe in through your nose for a count of 5 filling up your belly, hold it for 5, BLOW out slowly and away from you for 5 out your mouth only…do as many times as needed to feel more relaxed…then slowly open your eyes…look around and get ready to give your messages.

19. Ground yourself. There is nothing worse than being to flighty and loopy. Do something earthly. Drink water, wiggle your toes, look around and see where you are, flap your arms, sing a song, eat an apple, go outside and sit on the ground, and LAUGH. Tell yourself a stupid joke….”Why did the medium cross the street”? To get to the other side…baahahah…stupid but earthly 😉

20. Dont let other people get to you. Know what you know what you know and go for it. You will never make everyone happy. You know when something is right….trust spirit trust yourself.

Always say thank you….and be ready to receive as much as you give. What’s meant for others is usually meant for thy self.

Happy practicing. Now does my grandma Jessie or my best friend Tracey or maybe even Joe have a message for me? What about my guides and angels? 😉