Imagine 7 billion cups (in this case bowls) all lined up side by side and back to back.

Each one of those cups represents one person. See that bowl up there…that is your bowl!

Now imagine that in each of those cups there is a fish…you ARE THE FISH!

Now imagine that all these fish start “jumping cups”. My fish ends up 5 rows back and 11 to the side in my brothers.  Your fish jumps 3 forward and two to the left to your bosses.  Your kids jump over and jump in their friends cup.  You are then in your kids cups, your ex mother in law is now in yours, and you are in your co workers cup, your neighbor is in yours, you are in your others neighbors, etc!!!!


The flip side is, if you are not in your cup… then who is in yours? Answer: Anyone who wants to be because YOU are not there to protect it! They make a mess, wreak havoc, destroy your “cup”. U G H!  Without you there, anyone and anything can get in, splash around, and make a mess leaving your cup destroyed as well as whatever was in it destroyed.

They are just fish (people) and you were NOT there protecting your cup.  How can you blame them for just floundering from cup to cup? you’re  doing the same thing justin someone elses cup! You are down 4 rows and you are NOT there to protect yours.

YIKES….What a mess!

7 Billion jumping fish all jumping cups at once = C H A O S!

What would happen if I went back to my cup?  You went back to your cup? Your kids went  back to their cup? Your mother in law stayed in her cup? You stayed out of your co-workers cup? your neighbors stayed in theirs? etc….Awwwww peace.

I, at one time, thought no way, I am not letting anyone in my cup, I’m putting a kids safety lid on it so no one can get in! I thought is was so smart! The only problem was I then locked myself in.  I was not trusting that I could keep unwanted  fish out (I did not know my power).  I ended up barricading myself in and could not get any air. That was not the answer at all. I need air to breathe! lol  I needed to take the lid of, own my cup, and learn to say no…NO to jumping out and NO to letting other fish in!

Why not let ANYONE in?  Because that cup is your sacred space. It is not a place we share with everyone all the time. It is private.  We are allowed this space to develop and create our lives. It is your design. Your place what you can create your dreams, design your moments, and make anything you want.  Your kids can’t come in. no parents, bosses, friends  lovers, etc….it is yours and they have their own.

Ironically, the more I owned my cup, kicked the unwanted fish out….the more open my heart became allowing more love and peace in.

Imagine a world where everyone just stayed IN THEIR OWN CUP!  SERENITy, BEAUTY, AND PEACE.

By the way, you can NOT make other people stay in their own cup to create a perfect world…you can only do your best to stay in YOUR OWN CUP!  Lead by example..share the cup theory…and let them figure it out on their own. THAT IS STAYING IN YOUR OWN CUP!  That is literally being the CHANGE you wish to see!

Lesson: Boundaries, mind your own business, no judgement  freedom to express, and live and let live!

You have your own tend to cup to…better get to it!