Be aware of your surroundings. Be in touch with something that is happening around you in this moment. Let go of what is not happening and the things that you can’t control, RIGHT NOW.

If you start a thought or sentence off with, “what if” or “but,” know you are coming from fear. Love is not fear. Fear wants you to think you are not safe…love wants you to know you always are.

It is ALWAYS your choice on how you choose to approach everything in your life, including very decision and choice you make.

When you understand, know, and believe this…your life will change. Love brings to us amazing gifts…fear takes them away.

You do this by being aware and present of YOU and where you are now. Catch yourself. Catch the thoughts and go inside and redirect them. Everything is bendable and movable, especially your thoughts. Know they are old tapes. I always say, “hit stop, then rewind, then re-record, hit stop, then rewind again, now hit play again.”

Awwwww, new fresh thoughts…out with the old…in with the new. Record the tapes you want and CHOOSE to play, not the old energy and tapes from your past, from your parents, old dogmas, and your old lessons and experiences. Old is coming from past and are learned patterns of fear. Love is coming from new solid paths today.

Every moment is an OPPORTUNITY for you to be who you always knew you were. Right now, trust your heart and listen to only how YOU want to be in the world from this point forward; have YOUR own inner dialogue about how you choose to live in the world.

Do not choose what others have told you; or have made you feel that you are… if it doesn’t FEEL right to you today, know it is old fear trying to hold onto you. That’s fears (egos) job, to keep you in your place. Be aware and present enough to see it, acknowledge it, accept it for what it is, know you don’t need it anymore, gently let it go, and now move into trusting love.

Be in the moment, know you are safe, know you are protected, know you are ok, know you are loved…and also know fear is right there as well to take your power…if you allow it. Choose your moment!

FYI… You have nothing to lose by choosing LOVE every time…and everything to lose by choosing fear.