smor·gas·bord noun ˈsmȯr-gəs-ˌbȯrd

: a meal with many different foods that are placed on a large table so that people can serve themselves

: a large mixture of many different things

Life is like a smorgasbord; many different things to choose from all for your picking…yet it can not all fit on your plate at one time. You may have to go up more than once to get everything you want from the buffet. If your full…stop eating for awhile. It will always be there when you’re hungry and ready to eat again.

Slow down…pace yourself…enjoy what you’re eating. It’s not going anywhere and you can’t run out of anything except your energy…the buffet is always stocked fresh, loaded, and ready to go.

There may be things on there that you don’t like…and no one says you have to eat or take all of it at one time. It’s there for YOUR selection, in your time, when you are ready.

Ironic thing is, if you don’t like what’s on there, know that you put it all on there. No one made it for you. It’s your smorgasbord for you. If you are not liking it, maybe it’s time to realign with it so that you are in sync. At one time you may have thought having 12 deserts was a good thing and no salad. Now you might want all salad and one desert. Re-orders allowed and encouraged…or just simply choose something else. It is a smorgasbord after all! Plenty to choose from.

Tastes change. Choices change. Options stay the same. Pick and choose what works for you TODAY. Leave what does not work for you for another time, maybe tomorrow..maybe never. The key is it’s there for you.

Remember, you made it this way…not good, not bad, just simply there for your choosing. Options and choices are always a good thing.

So you may not like or think you can handle what life is offering you. Again the ironic thing is, it would not offer you what you did not put on there in the first place. Life is your selection; from the things you put in it, to the things you take off it.

Be healthy, be abundant, be wise, be full but not too full, be happy, be beautiful, be yummy, and be joyous and grateful…you always did know, and will always continue to know, just what you need. Pay attention to YOU and what feels right in the moment….your personally designed smorgasbord is waiting.