I will hold space for you….

I can not begin to claim that I understand why the world and spirit works the way it does…all I know is that it just does.

When I see so much falling apart for so many wonderful, loving and authentically good people, I have to ask myself, why? Why does all this seem to be happening to these wonderful, gentle and loving people who are so good and would never hurt a soul? It hurts my heart if I go too deep into it…so I try to keep my distance and only witness.

I realize that sounds like it comes from a victim mentality, yet being human this does happen now and then. It is hard not to feel like things keep happening to you, as if things are always falling apart, and maybe there is a reason for it, or something that you did, or maybe feeling that there is just something wrong with you for this to pain to be happening. Well, there is nothing wrong with you. Maybe we have to fall apart to be put back together again which is always painful.

It is hard to gain the clarity sometimes. It is hard to grasp the reason. It is hard to understand. I don’t know if I always can. The ONLY thing I do know is that there is something so much bigger and brighter than the vibrations that bring us pain. I know that there is a reason for all things and that we will always be ok. I know that in my heart….sometimes in my head I can’t grasp it. I know for so many you can’t either.

I know and believe just because we don’t understand things, doesn’t mean that there is not a greater purpose for all of our hurt. I want to say suffering because that is what it feels like, but I won’t. I will leave it at hurt. Although at times the hurt is unbearable and the suffering is what it feels like.

So I don’t know why. I don’t understand, yet I believe that through all pain there is a rise. A rise in love, a rise in the natural,order of things, in our wisdom, a rise in vibration, in knowledge, a rise in humanity, a rise is all things,…if we allow that rather than the pain.

There is a lesson, a future story to be told that we will look back on and tell one day and it will tell of our great uprising rather than our downfall. For now, that does not help and I am so sorry for all the loss, hurt, pain, suffering, and emptiness that is being felt right now by so many I love, so many I work with, and so many I will never meet.

I know it may not feel like it helps right; yet I will hold the space of love as much as I can, I will hold space for you to heal, I will hold space for you to rise, I will hold space for you to mourn, to be angry, and to be sad. I will know for you when you can not, knowing that all will be ok, and that all we all need will be provided for. All you have to do is keep going.

I do not understand anymore than you…all that I do know is what I am guided to share. I believe and KNOW that this beautiful guidance comes from beings of love, light, healing, unconditional support, and warmth. They teach me and show me that there is so much more…so for today I will share that with you. That has to be enough, for that is everything there is.

We do not need to understand for it to be.