Helping people to adjust to new situations.

While bringing in new energy and light. You are no better or different than any one else. Just know who you are, don’t worry about what others do or do not…stay focused, grounded and balanced…no ego. Attach yourself to those things worth attaching yourself too…yourself and brining change to the world.

Don’t buy your own stuff. People will like you for who you are…not for what you think they want you to be. Be original by being yourself..go slow and pace yourself….we are with you. Allow the distractions don’t accept them. Be your own kind of beautiful. Trust the process of self discovery. Allow others their space to grow and develop. Bring in peace and love. You are going to be receiving a spiritual clean up…removing old things from your bodies and space. Recharging your energy field and helping to bring balance back to them. You are meant for greatness but only the greatness you allow. Get out of your own way. Pay attention to the signs…follow only your own path not that of others. You are so removed from the circus act…now do you understand why? Protection is our first and foremost duty. Talk to the future self and higher self to bring awareness to present self so you are aware of it.

By being present you are bringing through good stuff.

Spiritual teaching 101 #1

You are love. You are light, you are protected, and you are free.

Do good things with this gift…it is a huge reasonability, yet for you, it will be quite natural….do good with it and know you are loved.

We will take care of the rest…we are your convenience and at your service…your wish is our command. No worries…we love you.

It’s just all stuff after all, right?