I had to cut them off at 25 as I have things to do today!

1. The only separation that exists between you, the spirit world, other dimensions, parallel universe, etc., and all that is…is the separation YOU create.

2. THERE IS NO SEPARATION IN ANYTHING other than our physical being.

3. Spirit, all that is, does not judge.

4. Our physical personalities do not define our spirit. Our soul is made up of all that we have ever been. We are an experience right now. NO, I did not mean we are having an experience…I said we were an EXPERIENCE! 😉 Big difference.

5. There is no one MAKING you do anything. Taking personal responsibility for your actions will only help you to feel the love you already are.

6. You and your higher self are in charge of you.

7. Your loved ones on the other side are NOT there to tell you what to do, makeup your mind for you, or appease your ego.

8. Just because you read it in a book does not make it a truth…it only makes it the authors truth. Use YOUR OWN best judgement for what feels right and what does not. Cherry picking

9. You are creating the path. The path is there already. What goes on the path is only up to YOU.

10. There will be NO ONE here in the physical body who will ever be able to understand why we are here, the truth of how it works, and why things are what they are. If they knew that they would not be here themselves. Even Jesus only knew to spread love because it was what you do.  With the 10% of our brain that we use, we are NOT supposed to get it all!  If we were, we would not be here and that person would have more money and fame the Oprah herself.  WE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW IT ALL!

11. Stop trying to figure it out and let it just be.

12. Misery and suffering comes from you, and your desires, to know “all” and your continual feelings of lack. That comes from you not us.

13. Be your own best advocate.

14. Spirit is just as grateful for you as you are for them, “for without you, there would be no us.”  They get the we are ONE thing.

15. If you are not happy, it is because your eternal search for “SOMETHING” makes you unhappy.  Stop searching and just be.

16. There are no mistakes. Everything is part of a divine plan and a giant web that is creating a puzzle.  The funny thing is the puzzle is being created as we go. There is no PICTURE until we create it.  Design your piece and let it fall into place.  What do you want your puzzle piece to look like and how do you want to contribute to the puzzle?

17. Being kind is ultimately for you and others sure do appreciate it…most of the time.

18. There is not a supreme being on a throne calling the shots.

19. Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, Saints, Gods, Beings of Light, “Aliens”, etc are a part of you…do not pray outside of you.  Pray for what you already are; what we all are. If you don’t know, it’s love and peace and everything in between.  Remember, there is no judgment for those in between.

20. There is nothing we can do that you can not do too.

21. We are very, very funny.

22. There is no time and space. We don’t know know your time, calendar, or day of the week. You can’t understand ours. Trust in the alignment of all that is. FAITH!  Synchronicity is how we show you this works by the way.

23. Personal empowerment is the greatest way to overcome all obstacles in your life; grief, financial, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.  Know your power and the possibilities of what YOU can do and imagine; then the possibilities are limitless.  If you come up with it, it’s in your field because it’s obtainable.  We know that, do you?

24. We don’t care what you do. Good or bad behavior ultimately affects only you. Balance will always come.

25. You are always loved.