I’m honestly sitting in my yard, on the most unbelievable and beautiful day, on my deck, looking at a palm tree dance in the warm breeze under the most blue skies ever in CA. I’m sitting here wondering how in the hell, out of nowhere, this happened to me…and of all times…just in Oct before the worst winter ever to hit Detroit. I tried my whole life to get here.

I think it was known in the heavens, for everyone’s sake, to get me the hell out of there. Lol. Anyone who knows anything about me, knows winter in Detroit was horrible for me, even during a “gentle” winter.

All jokes aside, I tried for years and it never worked out. It freaks me out. Why now did it align?

Was it me? Higher self? God? The Universe? My best friend Tracey or my Grandma Jessie? Maybe it was the angels?? Can spirit guides do this?

I don’t know!!! There is SOMETHING going on much greater then we know. When you really stop and look at the things in your life and how they worked out, it really is amazing and so trippy. This alone shows we are not doing it alone and trust me even I am freaked out by this big time.

Synchronicity is an amazing thing. I love sitting in awe of the things we can never truly understand. I don’t want to know, I just want to be in total appreciation of it and that is. I think knowing would take the wonderment out it and the gratitude.

I wish my friends and family warmth, safety and love…I’m sorry you have be there. Soon it will be spring. There’s nothing better than spring time in the D!!! I will be home in June to visit you. Xo