For some of you this might be obvious, for a lot of people, I don’t think it is.  It was, and still is not, 100% for me! The question of faith has been one that has been coming up a lot lately for me.  It is definitely something that I need to look at and look at again to truly understand.

I was having a conversation with a sound healer who has seen his own struggles, like all of us!  He was saying how faith used to mean something we needed and called upon when things weren’t so good i.e., sickness, money, job loss, death, lack, etc…

  • Keep the faith things will get better
  • Faith is bigger than fear
  • Have faith you will be provided for when you can’t provide for yourself
  • Have faith god will provide when you can provide for yourself
  • Have faith your bills will be paid
  • Have faith the money will come
  • I have faith in you you will pass the test
  • Faith can not lead you wrong
  • Faith heals
  • Faith will bring you an answer
  • Faith says he is where he is supposed to be
  • Call upon faith to guide you out
  • Faith is the answer
  • Faith faith faith….

Well if you look at those statements above, in some ways we attach the word “faith” to something negative.  The fear of not paying bills, not passing a test, implying we don’t have answers, implying we are sick, implying things are not good right now, etc.

It was an interesting conversation we had….he said because he grew up in a religious background, faith for him was associated with these fears, at least how he interpreted them at the time. He never knew saw that at the time, it was just what it was. It sounded like you asked for Faith when things were tough.  Over the years, it became something he feared because he associated it with something bad.  I was not brought up in any religious background, at all, and faith still felt the same to me.  It felt like something I need to call upon when things weren’t going my way!  Because of that, I have unconsciously pushed faith away and did not even know I was doing that. The thought of calling on fatih actually made be feel scared to death because I felt something bad was going to happen. I associated it the same way.

Sometimes by saying things in a certain way, our ego takes it and makes it something else to keep us in place of fear.  When we are in fear, our brain can control us.  When we are being controlled by fear, we are not in love.  If we are not in love, we can not receive…awww the dog chasing the tale begins!  Ego is only doing its job because it is programmed to “keep us safe.”  It goes on autopilot and puts us in fear…remember fear at one tim told us when to run when the dinosaurs were chasing us.  Well, we are still running from dinosaurs.  It’s now our job to reprogram ourselves for 2014…there are no dinosaurs.  That is for another blog!

What he also said in so many words and what I took away from it is, faith is not about fear; it is about love.  Faith is knowing that everything is ok, NOW.  Not when something happens someday and then we call upon it. That we are being provided now in all of our moments. Isnt that the law of attraction and how we create from love not lack? How can we create in fear?  Faith is our friend and brings to us the vibration of love always, not in the bad.  Now for some of you this might be obvious, for me it was jaw dropping.  It changed the paradigm I had created…or I should say is changing the paradigm because I am still wrapping my mind around this.

Now, I suppose the above bulleted statements are really saying the same thing, or intended to say that same thing to bring us peace, yet are brain has an interesting way of interpreting is so literal and only knows what you tell it.  Any negative, fear, or lack implication; ego takes the ball and runs with it. Again, our ego is not smart just resourceful and VERY good at its assigned job…to keep us in our place so we don’t get hurt…change might hurt us!

So I guess what I am trying to say, and I am not sure I got the “aha thing” yet as I am teetering on it… is that that faith is love.  Duh! Faith is good. Faith is for us when things are good. It brings to us even more good.  Faith, like everything carries a vibration…one of the highest vibrations we know.  So I suppose when we are in faith, we are in the high vibration of  love.  When we are in the high vibration of love, it allows us to open ourselves up more because we are in a state of trust and love.  When we are in a state of trust and love we are able to receive, act upon and create the life we really want.  When we know we are love and in the vibration of love; we know we are worthy and by knowing are we are worthy we are able to accomplish anything we dream.  Worthiness is the root of all receiving.

Life is so interesting; our brain is so interesting.  What we do with word and beliefs are so interesting.  I suppose for now I will continue to be with faith in as many moments as I can.  I will look at, feel it, trust it and become more connected with what it brings.  The “aha” happens when it needs to, I have no doubt of that.

It is time to stop fearing faith. It is time to start respecting and loving it for what it does provide for us….a space where we can just be ourselves.  From that space of ourselves we can simply just be.  When we are just being we are peace.  Peace, love, inspiration, creative, kindness, beautiful, happy, grateful, compassionate, and the list goes on.

Faith like everything; it is a choice.  A choice how you see it. A choice how you use it.  A choice how you will receive it!

Faith  Finding Alternative Inspiration Through Honesty