I work with people everyday who die. I work with people everyday who miss the ones who have died. I know plenty of people with NDE. I know even more that have amazing dreams similar to NDE.  With that said, I really do not believe anything can die. I see, feel, know, and hear it.

We are in a physical form of energy and all we do is change form from one form to another form. I teach people that our physical form is like an ice cube. We come in a solid form and after time we start to melt. When our physical body is no longer working here, we evaporate and become apart of everything, not separate from. Evaporated water does not go somewhere; it is in everything, everywhere, all of the time.  It’s kind of like gravity, just can’t you see it, feel it (because you’re in it), smell it, taste it, hear it, etc. does not mean it isn’t there.  It is only when you don’t feel it anymore, do you know what it is when you feel it again.

From the thousands of people that I have worked with; and the thousands of validations I have given from loved ones, who have crossed over there, is no “death”.  Just a thought, what if death was birth and birth was death?  Why are babies crying when they come they are born, yet when we “die” we are always at peace, even the most horrific of deaths most often have a look of peace. It’s fascinating to ponder but not the point of this I realize yet makes an interesting point! .

When we stop defining life as living and dying; and we start to see it as a continuum of all that we have ever been, are, and will be, we can stop the feeling of separation and loss.  When we know we’re all connected, nothing ever dies, and there is no here or there; there is just everywhere, we can come from a connectedness rather than from separation and fear. That separation and fear gives us the illusion of life and death.

Life and “death” only know one thing…that is “all that it is”.  When people have a NDE that is what they feel.  It is within the human constructs of the mind we create the illusion of here and there.  Can you imagine what we would be like if we didn’t do this?  We can’t even be present and we don’t know this at all.  We need to be here and present, not over there. The goal is to stay present here while remembering what really is “over there” and I use that loosely!

When we have a NDE, we’re experiencing what it is to not have a physical body. We’re feeling and going back to what we come from in our natural state.  Opposite of what we know here!  So many people are changed by this because it FEELS so DIFFERENT from what we are here.  It is kind of like we are sausages stuffed in a casing in the physical.  Without the body, we’re able to feel EVERYTHING!  When they leave their body they feel that state of everything, of pure divine love and grace. What a contrast to life in a human body on Earth. WHEW! No wonder so many people are tripped out by this.

It is a mission and goal to help people understand that they are, and always have been that in which we come from, they have never and can not be separate from that which they are. Can you imagine what we would let go and how empowered we would be if we only knew what we truly were? 🙂  Can you imagine the healing, closure and connections we would have with those loved ones and pets “crossed over” if we only knew the truth of who we were!  So powerful indeed!