Love isn’t earned.

Love isn’t expected.

It’s not a gift.

Love simply just is.

There’s no need to define it, explain or try to understand it.

I’m sorry if you aren’t allowing yourself to feel what’s already a divine part of who you are, what you’ve always been and what you always will be.

I will always give it.

I will always be it.

I am LOVE!

What I will not and cannot do, is make you feel it.

When you know that you’re deserving, you’ll know that you have it.

I wish I could change the rules to fit your needs, but there’s a reason the rules are what they are; and the reasons you may never know.

The love I feel for you is all that I am.  I don’t always have to like you to love you…that’s the beauty of love.

I am here.

I am love for you and I am love for me.

I will always be here to love you.