Physical phenomena

Great exercise for working with your intuition.

Taper Candle
Bowl of water in case it catches on fire

Ground yourself. Get quiet. Protect yourself by only allowing and bringing in the highest and best. Give permission for your spirit guides, angels, loved ones, etc. to come through.

With both hands, take your paper and move it slowly through the flame. Don’t get to close where it will catch on fire, but close enough it goes through the flame. Move your hands as guided through the flame. You will be guided to stop.

Turn it over and use your intuition to tell you what the picture is telling you. If you feel guided, turn paper around until you feel it’s the correct side to read the “message.”

Be sure to write down your impressions on it and date so you remember.

The smoke will smear so don’t touch it with your finger.

Have fun! Spirit loves fun!