Channeled Message

Lisa J. Smith and company


Today we would like you to speak of connections.  The importance and wisdom of knowing what you have… when you have it.

Too many people these days are busy “being” everywhere other than we they are right now…wanting what they do not have today…. and practicing anything but a form of spiritual practice….any form at all.

We do not care what you practice…as long as you spend some time in isolation with your self.  Feeling connected to yourself, to the world around you… to each other….and to us.

We are here to guide you…all of us are here for YOU.

Our world does not know here and there.  Loved ones and non-loved ones often called: guides and angels and other divine beings of light.

What we know is “one love” as you call it.  One connection to all that is…to a source unknown to man yet loved by all….call us what you may.

Connect as YOU do…. and so it shall be for all.

Don’t ever underestimate the power and ability that we have when working with you.

We are here for you.

We are here to guide you and send you soft yet divine messages of inspiration motivation and love.

We are here to uplift YOU to a state of being you once knew.

We teach and help YOU to remember yourself… and who you have always been.

Do not be afraid of the things that you do not understand.

Do not be afraid of what you do NOT know.

This fear is only holding you back into the old paradigms and dogmas that made you feel isolated and alone at one time.

We do not care what you practice you use, as along as your practice brings you to love and greater awareness to all that is… and to EACH OTHER!

Open your hearts to love.

Open your hearts to guidance…in whatever forms that may be.

Call us what you will…we are here regardless of name.  Connect how YOU connect.  Do not worry about how others connect or tell you how to connect. You do what is right for you.  Believe it or not no one knows you better than yourself

As much as we are all alike…we are all very different….cut from the same cloth as you say, but unique in our own patterns.

Life is meant for you to explore, have fun, connect and to love.

Never underestimate the power of THAT love.

Never under estimate the innate ability you have to connect with all that is.

You are gifted and beautiful.

Please do not take our words lightly, although many times we speak in joy and laughter.  We understand the need for you to “lighten up” so we do our best to bring that to you.

Our words are very simple, yet what you call “deep”.  There is nothing here that will change your life….only you can do that.  Our words and messages are simply just that …words and messages.  What you do with them… is what will create change in your life.

The answers that you seek are within you.

Learn to listen.

Learn to connect with your own heart and allow the “messages” that you receive to guide your ship “home”.

Many people are looking for answers to questions that they already know the answers too.  As humans we understand the need …the quest for information, validation and security.  Know that these things you seek are an inherent part of your make up and can not be separate from you.

When you allow yourself to feel them you will see you were never separate from…

How ever you connect…connect.

However you live….live.

However you are in the world just be….

Do not be concerned with impressing others.

Do not be concerned with wanting others to receive you.

Do not be concerned with right or wrong.

When you listen to you heart…you will feel the unconditional love that you are.

We know it is not east there.

We know it is difficult and faith and love is not always an easy thing to come by….especially on dark nights.  Remember that it’s ok.  Remember that even when the night is dark, there is light here for you.  We will hold that light and guide you home…home to your heart no matter what.  That is where you will know of what we speak. We can not leave as we are a part of you.

Allow yourself to feel what you feel…

Experience what you experience and let go of it after that.

The need to hold on to “drama” as you call it is unnecessary and only takes up valuable space within your being.  Use that space to create beauty, love and connections to all that is and will always be.

Remember, no matter what ever happens, you are whole….you are complete and you are loved.  We do not judge for judgment is of lack of love.

Hold this in your heart and know that we are here for you.

We have always have been… and always will be.

You are a part of us and we are a part of you…that union can not be separated by time and space.

  • Live in love
  • Be kind
  • Be beautiful
  • Come from compassion for others
  • Share your toys
  • Smile
  • Be nice
  • Gratitude will follow those who are living in their truth

We are here….and so it is!

Remember to have fun tonight…we are always big believers in having “fun!”