:After over a decade of touching people’s lives at their core, listening to heart wrenching stories of life and death, watching people suffer through life’s hardships, being a part of unexplained connections between life and death, witnessing thousands of connections and aha moments and feeling people shift before my eyes; some of the things I’ve learned are:

  • We really never have all the answers
  • I believe that life is far shorter than we believe
  • I believe that nothing is as hard as we make it to be
  • I believe that at times are emotions get the best of us
  • I believe we are all here to be loved and to love
  • I believe that life is hard
  • I believe when we die we will look back and what why we made it so hard
  • I believe we get frustrated when we can’t be perfect although perfection does not exist
  • I believe we are our own worst enemy
  • I believe that we are here to help each other
  • I believe that if we listen and open our hearts we can all connect with and listen to spirit
  • I believe that when one heals in some way ill never understand in my brain we all heal
  • I believe love and kindness can set many people free
  • I believe we all want to be heard
  • I believe we all want to be loved
  • I believe most don’t know their worth
  • I believe that like me, many other people don’t have a clue what they’re doing here
  • I believe the purpose we think we have is very different than the purpose we actually have
  • I believe that life is so simple it becomes so complex
  • I believe that we all hear, see, feel, and sense spirits….maybe in different ways …but we all do
  • I believe that we are all asking the same questions
  • I believe we all want to be validated
  • I believe that in our core we all believe in what we can not see. It just scares most people so they say they don’t believe.
  • I believe that some people have better “luck” than others and maybe its not all magic and “woo woo”
  • I believe that most people don’t get “it” at all
  • I believe most people are asking the wrong questions
  • I believe in you.  I believe in me sometimes. I believe we don’t always believe in ourselves all the time
  • I believe that people are people and most operate from their ego and fear rather than love and compassion
  • I believe we all want to get it right
  • I believe that there are things happening that NO one will everyone understand and maybe we are not supposed to
  • I believe in the power of healing and energy
  • I believe that I am good not perfect
  • I believe that I have don’t many things I wish I had not done but also believe at the time I did the best I could
  • I believe acceptance is the key to letting go
  • I believe that if people listened and felt more; then would have the ability to transform their lives
  • I believe that no one has the answers
  • I believe in everything and sometimes nothing at all

Finally, I do believe that if we do our homework, are honest with ourselves and believe in the magic and power of all that is, we can transform our lives one moment at a time with hard work and a dose of reality.  I believe because I have been a part of amazing moments.  I believe because I have witness and felt the healing occur in front of me.  I believe because I know what I know, feel see, sense and hear.  I believe because I have to believe in order to survive.  I believe because without the above, we have no reason to be here.  Love, listening, compassion, connecting, community and sharing are some of the basis’s of our connections to all that is, whatever that is for you.

By knowing what you believe in ; it gives you the ability to lift your mind, body and spirit above the limiting beliefs you had before into a sense of power, belonging and self knowing.

These are a few of the things I believe in.  I don’t know what you believe in?  Do you know what you believe in?

This is YOUR life.  Do with it what YOU want.  This is what I am doing with mine.  I will see you at the finish line…the race will end differently for us all.  The finish line will always look the same!