Ahhhh, the little wonders of the world, as we know it to be.

Do you ever just stop top wonder about all the little wonders in the world? Do you ever wonder about all the little things that make the big things work? I often stop to wonder about all the things in the world that we cannot see; we cannot touch and cannot always hear.

Honestly I believe that those things that are not so tangible in the physical are the things that make up the things that WE CAN see, touch, feel and taste. The little things, the invisible things, and the things that are not yet manifested into physical properties that we so often disregard and take for granted.  I am beginning to see that those are the little things that make the big things work.

Let’s take spirit. You can define spirit anyway you like. I am defining spirit as the complete energy of all that is. Loved ones who have crossed over, guides, ghosts, entities, angels, pets, trees, plants, God, the universe, source, etc. Spirit is the essence of all that is.

I believe I know that the energies that were once manifested as physical beings are just part of the whole who were contributing, at one time in this world as physical beings, are now back to our original form of energy beings and part of the little wonders of all that is. I am not saying that our loved ones are little things, but we do tend to overlook them as beings that are contributing to the whole once they are out of a physical form. In fact, they are contributing equally as much as you are, because they and we, are all contributing to the one just in a different form.

Another little thing is breath. When is the last time that you stopped long enough to pay attention to your breath? You know that thing you take for granted. Your breath, the air that you are breathing, it is all something that is not seen, it is not physical to the naked eye, yet it is the part of us that we need to exist while here on the physical plane. We just KNOW it is there.

Look at the oxygen produced from trees. That oxygen from the trees it is the key to breath and survival yet it is not seen. We cannot see this oxygen yet we need this little thing called air that we cannot see in order to run the main ‘machinery’ of life. The human body that we need to operate the physical world we live in is dependent on all that we cannot see again.

This all leads to one little thing that we cannot see, feel, touch, or hear. We do need it to survive in the spiritual, which leads to the mental and emotional parts of who we are, FAITH. A little thing because it is not physical and if not physical we as humans tend not to believe unless we can see and prove.

Faith is often overlooked; as most things are that we cannot see. Faith is the sum of all that we are. Not just the religious faith that so many of us have come to worship in a traditional sense. I mean FAITH in all there is. Faith is not tangible, yet it is the single most powerful tool that we have to co create and manifest whatever it is that we want in the universe. Prayer is faith. Knowing is faith. Energy healing is faith. Love is faith.  Believing is faith. Trust is faith. Faith is without doubt as important as breathing and oxygen and as a contributing factor to the sum of all we are.

Again, the little things that make life what it is. The little things that keep you connected to all that is. It is the sum of all the little things that make up the big picture of life and who you are.

The next time you want answers, the next time you want to KNOW that you will be ok, the next time you doubt, the next time you are so down and it seems as if all the door have closed on you, look to faith…look to the little things to guide you home and provide for you the air that you need to breathe.

You do not need to look further than the trees, the wind, the rhythm of a birds song, the grass growing, the oceans moving or the children playing to know that life really is truly made up of the little things that all make the big ‘thing’ work.

When you start to acknowledge the little things, you will begin to change your perception and by changing your perception, YOU will change your life.