People wonder why I sometimes get so tired of the HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY all the time???

This is why:

Because the world is NOT always so happy.  There are a TON of people in pain who are lonely, scared and depressed! I know because I connect with people everyday intimately about life.

Sticking our heads in the sand and pretending everything is so HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY is not reality. If you’re happy, great!  Just recognize that not everyone is, and have compassion for those who are not.  There’s nothing worse than someone telling  or implying you “should be” and judging you for what you are not.

It’s not the reality for many people, posting a happy and positive quote is not what being happy and positive is and it is not always doing something to help other people either;being present does!

I talk to people EVERYDAY and all people want is to feel a part of something, be validated, seen and heard. That will make us happy! SIMPLE!

Yes, we have a personal responsibility to be in the world, but to judge another’s journey of hardship and loneliness is just not OK.   We all do the best we can do.  Sometimes we need our pack.

The reality is that some of the most beautiful minds are sad, depressed, unhappy and lonely.  If we would just WAKE UP and see the truth of what people are, understand, have compassion and empathy, listen and reach out….instead of projecting what we WANT THEM TO BE FOR OUR SELFISH NEEDS OF BEING HAPPY…. maybe, just maybe, they would feel like a part of something bigger.  We can not do peoples work for them, but we can hold space when they can not do it themselves.

The world is a BIG HOT MESS right now….and always has been actually…one simple little act of compassion towards those in pain, changes everything.  CHANGE something today!

I am not surprised in the least about poor Robin Williams.  Anyone who is awake could see the pain, struggle, forced smiles and sadness in his eyes for years.

Now you are at peace Mr. Williams….and all will be good.  The final joke will be on us if we don’t wake up and connect with each other on a deeper level when we can.

We will meet you in heaven!  xoxox