1. There is NO happy and unhappy.

Stop making everything in your life about this or that. There is NO this or that unless you make it this or that.  By calling things happy or unhappy you’re just setting yourself up to fail.  You’re judging these things that happen to you, have happened to you, or might happen to you.  YOU are doing the judging; the thing that happened to you is not judging; it is just being what it is.

There are experiences.  Experiences carry no good or bad by themselves….they end up carrying the energy YOU attach to it or someone else attaches to it.  An experience is a something that is defined as:

“the process of doing and seeing things and of having things happen to you or a skill or knowledge that you get by doing something“.

Now sure there are pleasant and unpleasant….but that is up to the definer. One’s mans castle is another man’s shanty…same dwelling…different perceptions.

Your perceptions become your happy or unhappy. That is up to you….not the dwelling!  By taking responsibility for your perceptions, you create a new reality that frees you from the handcuffs of judgement.

2. With that said, you will not be “happy” all the time.

By accepting where you are right now, you release the judgement of what it is.  Allow the flow of all things that you are. You will move through them faster and with greater ease. Give yourself permission to be unhappy. The world is hard enough on you with expectations, take one of them off and be nice to yourself by allowing you to be who you are.  By allowing the NEGATIVE to come up and out you are releasing it so you can begin to heal.

PUKING: NO ONE LIKES IT!  If you have to throw up, you don’t hold it in. You release it because it’s your bodies way of telling you it HAS to get rid of the toxicity in your body because it is sick. It has to come out!  Do you sit and question it? Read up and search not how to throw up? Buy endless books telling you how to not puke? NO! You accept this as the physical bodies way of unloading what is not good for you.

Emotions are the same for the emotions plane. You “allow it to come up and out” as I always say….when you are done purging, you then begin to heal.  Emotions need to come up and out too.  DO NOT LISTEN TO PEOPLE TELL YOU TO BE HAPPY ALL THE TIME…they are holding it all in. Heal the mind, body, spirit by ebbing and flowing!

3. Sometimes things will not work out as you would like, no matter how happy or positive you are.  YOUR MANIFESTING MIGHT NOT WORK!

…and they are not meant too.   Understanding that you just might now know what is best for you is a good thing. Trust what is happening and allow it to work for you, not against you! In the long run you will be happy that you did! Move out of your way and allow things to be what they will be.  Think back to ALL the times this was proven to you.  I am sure there are a lot of examples in your life you can come up with. 😉

4. Many of the self help and woo woo books you’ll find, will only make you feel like you’re doing something wrong; in turn making you feel there IS something wrong with you….therefore you become a self fulling prophecy of other peoples truths! 

There’s nothing wrong with you. We all have moments of everything. Personally, I think that is healthy and part of being human. I NEVER want to hang out with someone who is HAPPY all the time or in a CONSTANT state of bliss.  That is just creepy and tells me there’s a lot under the surface they are hiding and not sharing.  Authenticity Rocks!

5. By speaking your truth at the moment does not make you a bad person.

We all have days/weeks/months and even years when it feels like nothing is going our way.

I was with someone recently who did not care for my energy and had no problem telling me they were disappointed in me considering my work (imagine the look on my face…I hardly know them)! lol  Little did they know they were meeting me at a pretty low point in my life~

I had just got home from work.  It was another brutal day of driving all over the place soliciting people who do NOT want to see me.  I just walked in and the doorbell rang.  They were at my house, unannounced.  After I welcomed them in, apologized for my house being a mess ( it actually is ALWAYS CLEAN…I was just being me in that moment)… we went outside. We talked about a lot of things.  It was nice when I finally could find my center from a long day.  Then I suppose they felt comfortable enough to tell me they did not think I was being “spiritual enough” and they were a little surprised at me.  They said they expected more from me because of the work I did. lol  I almost wanted to laugh, but I did not! I was kinder than that. I just listened in disbelief that someone I thought was more evolved was being so judgmental towards me!  Talk about NOT knowing each other!  YIKES!

I sat with this for awhile and my thought is this:  Too bad!  You are not being spiritual enough for me. You’re judging me, my humanity and my spirit.  With all your teachings you were never were taught about holding space and non judgement.

By the way, there is a difference between complaining and venting.  Often people misunderstood blowing off steam, speaking our truth or misdirecting our frustrations with readjusting ourselves, sticking up for ourselves or releasing as being a complaint. I find that fascinating…but that is another blog! lol

I suppose when we come across someone like this, as I did, it is because they are looking for your perfection to identify theirs.  I am not interested in identifying anyone’s anything other than my own. I am my own full time job!  I am just here to guide you as I guide us through the mazes of our earthly experiences!

I have not said anything to them about this. It would just open up a dialogue of proving ones self and I am not interested in that. It would be like watching opposing teams talk about political nonsense.  I’m not interested.

6.  People will tell you what you are supposed to do so that you “become” enlightened.  

They sell you things. They tell you this and that will work.

Well I suppose the only way to be truly enlightened is to just be what you are being in that moment, whatever that is for you. By giving yourself permission to FEEL the way you feel at any given moment, is eliminating the resistance and acknowledging the moment so you can be lighter.

Synonyms for enlightenment: insight, understanding, awareness wisdom, education, learning, knowledge…

7.  You will come across people who give you rules for doing something, “becoming something” and being something. 

When there are rules, you lose me at hello.  Who makes these rules up anyway?  Did they read them on the internet? Did they read them out of a book and decide they are truth in stone?  Are they based off THEIR experience? Scary!

Who says your experiences and my experiences are the same and there is only one way.

I watched a video and a “Dr”was teaching us how to use a pendulum.  He says only use wood or brass pendulums because they work best for healing.  For who? Him?  I like crystals.  I want to use a crystal one!  He goes on to say he just does not work well with crystal….but I guarantee that is not what people heard!

I teach people to use a pendulum with string and nuts I buy at Home Depot, or they can use their necklace, or any thing else that has some weight and swings.  The point is,  there are MANY ways and tools to use things…not only one!  Rules take your creativity away. You need your creativity to connect with all that is…to remember your being-ness in the world.

8. You have to be certified to be a healer.

NO!  You already ARE a healer.  Being kind, compassionate, loving, respectiful, smiling, listening, etc… that is healing!  You can not be separate from what you have always been…and what everyone and everything else is.  Now, if you want to take a bunch of classes because it makes YOU feel better and you like them….do it! But please do not say that you have to have a certification to be a healer, a medium, a psychic, an energy worker, etc.  You were certified the day you came into existence!

9.  Someone tells you that only they can do something and you can’t…. 

All I can say is bye bye!

10. GURU’S

Those who say they are, aren’t; and those who say they aren’t, are….and if you say nothing at all….even better!

If you are looking to a guru for your enlightenment, then you are looking in the WRONG place.  Enlightenment is what YOU are!

What they are…well I wouldn’t be mean, but trust me they have nothing that you want.  How do they become a guru?  People put them on pedestals and they make you believe they are better than you. They need YOU to be a guru!

Looking to gurus or putting people on a pedestal says more about the person looking up to them, then it does about the guru!

  • Be what you are now
  • Understand, accept and release
  • Listen to your own heart
  • Know you were born powerful
  • Seek people who treat as you equals
  • Write your own self help book
  • Have faith that the universe is manifesting for you and with you in the highest and best for all
  • Heal thyself and others will heal
  • Create your own paradigms of truth
  • Be your OWN guru